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If You have to Drink

"How to prevent a hangover"
By: Yolanda ArzagaIf You have to Drink

Some practical advice: Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach; always eat before or while taking booze. Why? Food in the stomach slows down the absorption of alcohol.

To be more specific, fatty foods slow down the stomach’s absorption of alcohol. That’s because fatty foods stick to the stomach lining longer. This serves not only to delay the alcohol’s effects on the body, but it also gives it more time to process the byproducts, thus preventing a hangover. No wonder fatty “chicharon” is a favorite “pulutan” of beer drinkers.

Additionally, taking vitamin B supplements ensures that your body is fully prepared and energized when alcohol consumption begins.  In doing so, you can reduce the impact of a hangover. According to the Journal of Natural Alternative Healing, the B vitamins are known for their energy and metabolism benefits, and vitamin B supplementation helps replenish your body’s store, which is depleted when you consume alcohol. To be effective, a supplement should incorporate all the essential members of the vitamin B-complex.

In a gathering where circumstances compel you to drink, choose your “poison” wisely. According to Bruce Hetzler, PhD, psychology professor at Lawrence University, beverages that don’t have congeners (like light beer, vodka, and gin) are likely to give milder hangovers than brandy, whisky, and red wine.

In between alcoholic drinks, make sure you drink lots of water or a nonalcoholic drink. This helps keep you hydrated and maintain a low blood alcohol level. Alcohol dehydrates you and then concentrates in the liver. Before you go to sleep, drink some more water or other nonalcoholic drinks to replenish lost fluids.

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