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Nipper Tucker

"Choosing the doctor to do your cosmetic surgery"
By: Karen Lee Alabado, MDNipper Tucker

First of all, make sure that you go to a medical doctor who has undergone proper training in his field of expertise. Watch out for the following warning signs of a doctor you shouldn’t trust:

●  The doctor is willing to perform surgery without giving you a health evaluation.

●  You are offered a special price so that you will commit to the surgery right away, or the price has not been set by the doctor before the treatment. You should not be offered a special deal.

●  Your doctor makes light of the risks involved and makes unrealistic promises.

●  The doctor suggests other procedures totally unrelated to what you want despite you telling him what specific treatment you want.

●  You are not given an informed-consent document to sign nor any pre-op and post-op instructions.

It is your right to ask anything regarding your doctor’s expertise and the procedure. You have to be aware of the following:

●  Your doctor’s board certification and what professional societies he is associated with. Here in the Philippines, the highest standards are upheld by the Philippine Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (PAPRAS).

●  Make sure that the facility where the surgery will be performed is accredited by the Department of Health. If anesthesia is to be administered, a properly qualified anesthesiologist should give it to you.

●  Your surgeon should be able to recommend the best possible procedure for you, while discussing what your goals are, and what to expect during the procedure, immediately after and what happens during the healing process.

●  Your doctor should be able to tell you about his recent experience with other patients, and should be able to show you some before and after pictures of his actual patients.

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