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Prevention is Cheaper than Cure

"Prevent illnesses with a good diet"
By: Nicole BautistaPrevention is Cheaper than Cure

A person need not be sick to care about how their diet affects their health. Dr. Joanna Manalo, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Taguig, muses, “Actually, I have patients who are still young—in their 20s. They feel the stress of their work so they are already concerned about cholesterol. So, I encourage them to try [a diet plan]. It may sound expensive, [especially if you enlist the services of a gourmet menu planner,] pero in the long run it’s cheaper. When you get sick, you pay for your medical bills. You have maintenance medicine. Having a healthy diet actually, decreases the cost of medication. It will stabilize whatever you have and you will function better.”

The best time to start a diet plan is when you are well. Don’t wait for that wake-up call—do something today. A plus factor: when you eat healthy meals regularly, you can allow yourself the occasional indulgence of fatty, salty, or sweet eats. With a diet plan, a person has the right amount of energy to work, exercise, and play. And the more you learn about the rules of healthy eating, the better your food choices become, and the easier it is to stay lean and strong.

The real answer to keeping your good health well into your retirement age is to eat the proper food in the right amounts, get enough sleep and exercise, and keep a positive outlook. Your heart, your health, and, in effect, your wallet will thank you. “I really think that diet is important to health,” concludes Dr. Manalo. “[Unlike maintenance medicine, food] is not an additional expense because you eat every day.”

Clearly, food can be your nourishment—or your slow poison. You decide.

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