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Office Desk Workout, Part 1

"The reverse arch stretch"
By: James BarramedaOffice Desk Workout, Part 1

The Reverse Arch Stretch was developed to quickly address signs of strain in the shoulder, spine, wrist, fingers, and organ systems after prolonged forward hunching. This great office stretch does not need any special equipment or fitness accessory—you can do it while seated in your office chair! After a few seconds, you can feel the benefits immediately.

As with any stretch routine, it is important to do the stretches slowly. Listen to your body while performing it and do not rush the movements. If there is pain or discomfort, this is your body telling you that you should discontinue immediately. You may start with minimal stretching and progress as you go along.

How to do the reverse arch stretch:

1.  Sit at the front end of the chair, leaving space behind you and the back rest.

2.  Reach your hands behind you then hold on to the back of the chair. Interlace your fingers behind your back if you can and feel your palms touch each other. If you have difficulty bringing your palms together, just clasp your hands together using your fingers.

3.  Feel the stretch in your chest and shoulders as you slowly arch your back, bringing your head and shoulders further backwards.

4.  Inhale deeply and allow yourself to arch further backwards (but not too much to feel pain or any form of discomfort). This opens up the front part of the neck.

5.  Exhale until your lungs are empty before taking another deep breath.

6.  Repeat several times until you feel that your shoulders, spine, and hands are well-stretched.

7.  Once you’re okay, bring your head back up slowly to avoid straining your neck. Release your hold on the back rest in slow motion and bring your hands to your sides.

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