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Not All Spas are Created Equal

"Types of spa"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaNot All Spas are Created Equal

The most common among spas would be the next-door day spa that offers the basic full-body massage. Some day spas can be as elaborate as those we see inside malls, while others can be as basic as an enclosed room with single beds separated by dividers. We have massage centers that particularly employ only the blind to help them earn a sustainable income on their own. Other types of spas famous here in the Philippines include the following:

1.  Resort/hotel spa. This is a spa usually owned and operated by a hotel or resort. Best part about a hotel spa is that you can request for your services to be given to you in the privacy of your own hotel room.

2.  Club spa. A club spa is usually a well-manicured facility with fitness as its primary purpose. This place offers courts, lap pools, and facilities for sports activities that you don’t typically find in other types of spas.

3.  Medical spa. This is a facility that operates under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. They offer an array of comprehensive medical and wellness treatments coupled with relaxing spa services, as well as alternative therapies and treatments such as detoxification programs. Famous medical spas in the country specialize in cosmetic and aesthetic services.

4.  Destination spa. A facility specially built to help its patrons develop healthy lifestyle habits. You normally spend several days in a destination spa, where you follow a set program or schedule of treatments. In a destination spa, everything you eat, drink, and do is closely monitored by the spa to ensure you leave the program transformed.

To ensure that you’re getting the spa services from a properly trained therapist, ask if the establishment is a member of the Spa Association of the Philippines (SAPI).

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