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Improving Immunity with Vitamin C

"Vitamin C to boost immunity during this pandemic"
By: Jessica Nicole CanaberalImproving Immunity with Vitamin C

As the current pandemic continues to be a rampant threat to our health, the need for improving our immune system is still of utmost priority. After all, our immune system defends our bodies from pathogens, which Severe Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is an example of. To prevent this novel virus and other similar conditions, we should practice healthy lifestyle choices such as eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy mind, and exercising regularly. But if you want an additional measure to sustain good immunity, taking supplements is a good starting point. 

Although there are plenty to choose from, why not pick a super nutrient that is easily accessible like vitamin C or ascorbic acid? We all know it is a powerful antioxidant that protects our bodies against damage caused by oxidative stress, which negatively impacts our immune health and is connected to various diseases. 

Compared to other supplements available, our bodies cannot naturally produce or synthesize vitamin C, thus the need to ingest it externally. 

It is also the vitamin that we think of when it comes to battling colds, as some studies show that consuming vitamin C can lessen the risk of contracting colds or shorten its duration. In a study published in the Cochrane Database of Systemic Research, taking at least 200 mg of vitamin C daily affected exposure and management of colds.

Remember that supplements are not a cure-all, and doctors still recommend that the best way to take vitamin C is through food sources. Dr. Tod Cooperman, the founder of ConsumerLab.com, says it best: “Right now, if you’re concerned about catching the coronavirus or any other virus, taking a basic multivitamin every day is a safe way to ensure you’re not deficient in any area.” Don’t forget to consult with a healthcare professional first before taking them, and always observe social distancing and thorough hand washing as well. 

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