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The Sanity of Sanitation

"Here are 8 ways proper sanitation contributes to disease prevention."
By: Marian Erica RosimoThe Sanity of Sanitation

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Sanitation is more important than independence.”After nearly a century, is this still true and important? Here is a glimpse of sanitation and its significance in healthy living.


Sanitation and Infections

Disposing waste improperly is the obvious way for contaminants to move from one place to another, to get from surfaces to food then into the body. Sanitation prevents toxins from circling and keeps infections from developing in one person to the next.


Sanitation and Poisons

Untreated water is a likely dwelling place of toxic substances and other who-knows-what. Arsenicosis and fluorosis are known poisonings due to poor sanitation. A safe supply and management of drinking water get rid of unwanted chemicals and keeps the body clean and healthy.


Sanitation and Malnutrition

Improper sanitation brings about diarrhea, and diarrhea brings about not-so-pretty circumstances. There is nutrient loss, then weakness and dehydration. The worst scenarios? Growth is stunted, cognition is impaired, and even death is not an impossibility.


Sanitation and Maternal Health

Clean surroundings are important to the unborn, too. Pregnancy plus infection is a terrible blend of danger, with its possible results are miscarriage, premature delivery, difficult labor, and stillbirth. A healthy environment means a healthy mother, and a healthy mother means a healthy baby.


Sanitation and Reproductive Health

Sanitation is an obvious need for menstrual hygiene. With no proper facilities or safe systems, reproductive diseases and psychosocial effects are probable, like embarrassment, anxiousness, and absenteeism. Sanitation is a huge help not just in combating sicknesses but also in keeping comfort and security.


Sanitation and Vaccines

There are studies proposing sanitation has an impact on vaccines. Diseases from unclean surroundings may undermine oral vaccines, and thus, may weaken our immunity against infections. Cleanliness not only helps preserve the effects of vaccines but also helps boost the body’s natural defenses.


Sanitation and Disability

If there is a population more prone to diseases than the rest, it is the disabled. They need more facilities than others. As much as poor sanitation compromises these individuals’ well-being, ease and convenience greatly contribute to their overall quality of life.


Sanitation and Mental Health

Do you know inadequate sanitation is a proven cause of violence? Such an experience is the root of several psychosocial concerns. A clean environment does not just promote a healthy body; it also keeps a healthy mind and total well-being.

Remember, folks: Do not just eat healthily or work out a lot. Practice good hygiene and sanitation too!
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