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Halloween Health Scares

"Celebrate Halloween in good health with these steps."
By: Patrick JuinioHalloween Health Scares

Halloween is a day a lot of people look forward to. Who can blame them? It is on this occasion that they can watch a good number of ‘spooktacular’ movies. They also have an opportunity to show their creative side in coming up with decorations for their homes, schools, or offices. Furthermore, they can dress up as any character and collect sweets without worrying about what others may think of them. Aside from that, they get to attend parties where they can socialize with different people.

As fun as celebrating Halloween sounds, certain activities like overeating and staying up too late can make people susceptible to illness, which can, in turn, ruin their Halloween spirit.

If you are one of those people who enjoy Halloween, you may follow this guide to avoid Halloween health scares:

  1. Wash your hands regularly.
    You can expect several get-togethers during Halloween. However, these social functions can serve as a venue for viruses to easily spread. To lower your risk of falling ill, you should practice good hygiene by regularly washing your hands.

  2. Minimize the number of sweets you consume.
    Although it can be enticing to indulge in the candies and chocolates that you have collected, doing so can cause your weight and waistline to increase, putting you at greater risk of hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Thus, you should minimize your sugar consumption.

  3. Brush your teeth immediately after eating sweets.
    Brushing your teeth right after you eat sweets prevents sugars from sticking to your teeth and triggering conditions like gum disease, which can lead to cardiovascular disease if left untreated.

  4. Get an adequate amount of sleep.
    Despite all the Halloween-related activities taking place, you should still make it a point to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night to boost your immune system.

  5. Find time to exercise.
    Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day allows you to burn off the sugars from the Halloween treats.

No matter how much you may love Halloween, your health should be your top priority. After all, Halloween is best celebrated by scaring diseases away.

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