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Holiday Pet Hazards

By: Erika MagsaysayHoliday Pet Hazards

There are many factors to look out for during the holiday season to ensure the safety of your beloved pets. Here are five to be aware of during the holiday season to make sure your pets are protected.

1.     Harmful food for pets

You have to watch out for harmful food that your pet may accidentally eat while you’re preparing food or food dropped on the floor while you or your guests are eating.

You may buy a baby room divider gate that can be placed temporarily to block your pet from entering the kitchen.

Here’s a list of harmful foods for your pets according to experts:         

·      Chocolate – Chocolate consists of theobromine and caffeine, which are two stimulants that are toxic to pets.

·      Anything fatty – Anything with high-fat content should not be given to pets because it is hard for them to digest it.

·      Seeds and pits from fruits – All seeds and pits from fruits are toxic to animals because it contains cyanide. If you are serving fruits at your holiday party, it may roll down the table and your pet may accidentally eat the whole thing (including the seeds). Other times, it may be children who will give fruits to your pet. Make sure your guests eat food with plates or bowls. You must also inform your guests not to give your pet any human food.

·      Fruits

             o   Avocados – According to American Kennel Club, avocados have persin which is a fungicidal toxin. The whole fruit itself is poisonous for your pet, so keep it away.

             o   Grapes and raisins These are extemely poisonousas they can cause kidney failure and lead to death.

                  o   Lime, lemon, and grapefruit – Citrus fruits are toxic because of their acidity in combination with psoralens, which is commonly used as a treatment to psoriasis and other skin conditions. 

·      Sweets, desserts, baked goods, candy, and chewing gum – Artificial sweeteners which contain xylitol are bad for pets and will contribute to liver failure and death.

·      Yeast dough For baking enthusiasts out there, please refrain from giving your pets dough as this will cause them to bloat.

2.       Decorations

Christmas is coming up! There are lots to decorate and our pets will be excited from all the festivity. We have to make sure they won’t accidentally eat the small ornaments or injure themselves from the decorations. When setting up, make sure your pets are in a different room. The following are things to be extra careful about around pets:

·      Ornaments – It may fall on them or they may accidentally step on it.

·      Electric lights – It may electrify them or cause burns if they step or chew on it.

·      Decorative candles Don’t light up candles if you have pets at home, for they may become curious about the light and get burned or cause a fire.

When leaving your house, unplug festive lights and decors to prevent accidents caused by pets.

3.      Holiday plants

If you have these plants at home, make sure they are placed out of reach by your pets.

Here’s a list of holiday plants that are dangerous to dogs and cats according to professionals:        


·     Poinsettia

·      Holly and mistletoe

·      Azaleas

·      Lilies

·      Daffodils

·      Amaryllis

·      Pine Christmas Tree

 4.      Music/Sounds

Pets are fine with classical and relaxing music during the holidays. However, if you plan to play upbeat and loud holiday music during your holiday party, please make sure your pets are in another room. Make sure they’re comfortable with their bed, food, water, and toys in an air-conditioned room so they won’t feel nervous. Make sure to also check on them from time to time because loud sounds may cause them emotional stress.

5.     Party guests

If you are throwing a holiday party at your home, inform your guests that you have a pet or pets, so those who are allergic can take their needed medication.

If you allow your pets to roam freely with visitors, make sure there is an accessible room for them to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed.

Please remind your visitors to refrain from giving your pet human food.

You have to tell them not to shove your pet with their feet or pet them roughly. Since the party is at your home, guide them to not yell or scare your pets.

If a guest wants to bring their pet but you know your pet is old or not sociable, please respectfully decline them from bringing pets.

When someone is exiting your home, make sure you pay extra attention because your pet may exit at the same time. If ever, you can place the baby gate divider to prevent your pet from bolting out of the house.

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