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The Whys of Washing Your Hands

By: Marian Erica RosimoThe Whys of Washing Your Hands

The Philippines had been without a trace of polio for two decades. But now, the virus makes a comeback and stirs up a nationwide outbreak. The reason for its return? Fewer people getting vaccine shots plus poor hygiene and sanitation.

Hand washing is a basic precaution in keeping yourself away from sicknesses. It’s simple but its benefits are never simple or unimportant. Here are the perks of practicing the right routine of hand washing:

Hand washing keeps you from getting sick.

Germs are a pesky culprit of many illnesses, from a tiny cold or flu to troublesome diarrhea. The simplest way of getting these tiny pests off of you is by washing your hands properly and frequently.

Hand washing stops you from spreading germs.

Germs jump from one victim to another in different ways; it may be by sneezing, coughing or touching. Washing your hands can halt the spread of germs and forbid an outbreak from happening.

Hand washing clears you from unnecessary costs.

Catching a disease is like being entangled in a web of intertwined dilemmas – pricey meds, hospital bills piling up, countless visits to the doctor, and unwanted absences at work or school. You can save yourself from future trouble with proper hand washing right now.

Hand washing protects you from antibiotic resistance.

Do you know that using antibiotics the wrong way can turn bacteria into their stronger and more dangerous forms?  This is called antibiotic resistance and washing your hands can be a help to this dilemma. Good hand hygiene hinders infections and, thus, tapers the need for antibiotics. Less use of these drugs is a first-line of defense to resistance, getting rid of the worry of dealing with ‘mutant’ microorganisms.

Following a skincare or workout routine may be the craze of the moment but proper hand washing is a timeless principle, especially in this season of viral epidemics. So keep yourself safe and worry-free by keeping your hands clean and germ-free.

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