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The Meaning of Kindness

By: Jessica Nicole CanaberalThe Meaning of Kindness

Kindness is a universal language that does not need any translation or subtitles – it is seen through the actions of people. In line with World Kindness Day this November, we asked people from different fields what their definition of the word is. Here are the top 10 responses:

  • Kindness uplifts another being through compassion. Do what is right and proper, even when it is inconvenient. (Bryan Supan Siy, 42, Executive Creative Director)
  • Kindness is an act where a person shows a characteristic of acceptance towards other people. Because nowadays, people look for the equality that they want. (Jessica David, 27, Graphic Artist)
  • Kindness for me means being able to be a good person to anyone and anything without expecting anything in return. (Gett Baladad, 26, Marketing Manager)
  • To me, kindness means to give hugs and listening ears to those who can only express their feelings silently. (Beng Quinto, 47, Young Lola Entrepreneur)
  • Kindness, for me, is everything – it helps me be compassionate with other people, empathize with them, and guides me on how to be logical with my actions and life decisions. (Frances Lim, 27, Marketing Specialist)
  • For me, kindness is treating people with (just a healthy amount of) respect, and putting yourself in their situation in order to better understand and communicate with them. Kindness is not always the easiest quality to choose, but I believe ripples of it can make the world a more tolerable place to live in. (Nicole Alberto, 26, Communications Assistant)
  • Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit. It is to be forgiving and tender-hearted. It makes us seek to do good to others without expecting anything in return. (Denise Bueno, 27, Geospatial Analyst)
  • [Kindness means] being open-minded, listening, and sharing your time with others. We all have stories to tell, but not always anyone to share it with. (Veronica Miranda, 26, Companion Animal Support, Vet Tech)
  • Kindness is an intrinsic trait that transcends attitudes and platitudes – it is a way of life that resonates with one’s identity and personality. (Glenda dela Peña, 27, Senior Personnel Specialist)
  • Kindness is being honest, firm, and gentle despite being provoked or challenged. It is not just blind acceptance or saying and doing things that will please others. Kindness tells the hard truths others won't say. Kindness is based on your truths, beliefs and values – it's not just saying yes. Sometimes kindness is a 'no' coming from a place of compassion. (Crissa Candelaria, 26, Registered Nurse)
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