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7 Reasons to Love Life and Live

By: Jiecel M. Ramirez7 Reasons to Love Life and Live

Each of us is fighting a battle we don't talk about. Hang in there, my dear, if you've been struggling with your thoughts and feelings. You aren’t reading this by chance, this is your confirmation that better days are coming.

I've never made an attempt, but I've been in the abyss too and had suicidal ideation. I became friends with darkness, the void inside me grew bigger as days went by, and I was left in despair feeling as if nothing seems to matter anymore. "What is life?”, "Why am I here?”, "What is my purpose?" There came a time when these questions popped in my mind all at once without warning, like a raging storm demanding for answers. I also reached a point where I asked anyone for the meaning of life.

I still have my down moments and don't have the answers I'm looking for. But I found wonderful reasons to keep going and choose life over and over again, and you should too. Life could be tough, but it could be beautiful as well.

1.   Remember the countless things that light you up.

It may be difficult to find joy in anything right now, even in the things we were once passionate about. But wherever you are, try to look for something that delights you. It need not to be expensive or grand. It could be as simple as a line out of a movie you just watched, a quote from a poet you admired, the warm fuzzies you get when a baby smiles at you, your adorable pet who is always excited to see you, the pleasant earthy scent when the rain hits the ground, the gentle wind that touches your face when you walk on the beach, sunrises and sunsets, the view out of your window at night, singing along to your favorite songs despite getting all the lyrics and notes wrong, interpretive dancing when nobody else is watching, or sleeping in clean and fresh sheets.

2.   Your family and friends love you so much.

And they care a lot about you more than you will ever know. You may have the most annoying sister and brother in the world, and your mom and dad may not be that expressive, but their love for you is beyond infinity.

You may not realize it, but your close friends who have been with you through thick and thin – you matter to them. Stay for the people who mean the most to you. These people can't afford to lose you. Don't break their hearts, you got this.

3.   Every morning is a brand new day and another opportunity to be happy.

Think about all the possibilities each day could bring when you wake up. You don't only get to give this day another shot. You also get to enjoy another breakfast – sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and taking a moment of stillness out in the sun or into nature to feel all that positive morning vibes. What a pure bliss to be alive and kick off with a zest on what's ahead. Bring it on!

4.   Don't miss the lovely places you have yet to visit.

Conquer the world. You have so much to see and so much to get thrilled about. You are still yet to book that trip you have always wanted as a kid. You are still yet to set foot in your dream travel destination and create lasting, silly memories you will tell your grandchildren when you grow old and laugh about. You are still yet to indulge yourself with the flavors of the cities and countries you can go. You are still yet to experience exciting adventures you never had the time to do. Life is full of interesting things awaiting you. Don't give up yet.

5.   The books you have never read are waiting for you.

The same books you have yet to smell! Every word, every sentence, every paragraph, and every chapter – they are waiting to be savored and digested by you. And what better way to spend a weekend afternoon than sitting on a couch with a really good book you just opened for the first time? Also, you wouldn't want to miss new works written by your favorite authors and a chance to meet them in flesh one day!

6.   Stick around and continue inspiring others.

You might be someone else's reason for living. Your mere existence might be someone else's source of happiness. There might be people whose lives you have touched deeply without you knowing. And there are so many people you still have to meet who will create an impact on your world.

7.   Whatever it is you're going through, the pain and the lingering sadness, they too shall pass.

That day when everything finally goes your way is not so far away. Right now, accept the things you can't change and try to heal yourself little by little. Know that it is going to be okay. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but eventually it will be okay. But if you feel like things are already going out of your control, please seek for professional help.

You only got one shot at this.

You will never know when your time is up. Cherish it while it lasts. Celebrate life to the fullest. Live to fall in love with someone, with something, or with life itself. Each day is not promised, don't not waste it. Carpe diem!

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