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By: Excel V. Dyquiangco I Got Your Back

Most people who suffer from headaches, asthma, ear infection, diabetes or neck pain usually go to a specialist. Those with muscle spasms and arm and leg aches, on the other hand, often go to a massage therapist to get a good rub. But have you ever thought of going to a chiropractor?

That’s right – chiropractic medicine, which ‘focuses on the relationship between the body’s main structures’, is an ideal way of getting rid of these pains, spasms, and aches in your body.  According to celebrity chiropractor Dr. Rob Walcher, they are doctors who evaluate the spine and nervous system, then make adjustments to the spinal column to improve and preserve patient’s health.

“We look for a condition called subluxation or the misalignment of a joint,” he says, “In dealing with your spine, if your joint is misaligned, it affects the nerves.” 

He adds that they have a very different approach from physical therapists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists because, while these doctors focus on a person’s symptoms, they look more for the source. “Somebody comes in with shoulder pain or muscle tension. What these doctors will do is that they will focus on that particular area. They will put needles in that area. They will rub the knee. As for us, we don’t focus on the symptoms. I focus on the misalignment so that if, for instance, the pelvis is out of alignment for ten years, that’s what we work on. We allow the body to function and heal itself.”

The Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine

Aside from healing joint, muscle, and back pain, chiropractic medicine has many benefits. This treatment naturally improves other health conditions such as headaches or migraines, bowel irregularity, improved mental clarity, ear infections, neck pain, arthritis and joint pain, scoliosis, asthma, blood pressure, a healthy pregnancy, allergies, gastrointestinal syndromes, menstrual disorders, organ function, and surgery prevention.

Interestingly, chiropractic treatment can also help patients with cancer, especially in increasing their strength, flexibility, mobility, and function.

“By caring for your spine, your joints are moving properly not only in your spine but also affecting your shoulders, the pelvis, the knees, the ankles, the elbows, and the wrist. Everything is dictated by the spine,” says Dr. Walcher. “If your spine is not moving properly, over the years other ailments will come such as a frozen shoulder, tendonitis of the elbow, knee pain, and ankle pain. We are keeping your joints and your nerves healthy, especially if you are getting regular care.”

Chiropractic medicine also offers personalized treatment based on the specific needs of the patient. Chiropractors can work closely with general health practitioners in coming up with a treatment plan for individual patients.

Dr. Walcher adds that most people who come to his clinic often complain of headaches or migraines and a tingling sensation in their bodies. He does caution, though, that patients need to finish their treatment to get the full benefits, as there are some who start but don’t finish it. “That is actually part of human nature,” he says. “Once a person starts to feel better, they often stop. And then their symptoms come back because what causes their symptoms are everyday life and everyday stress.”

Chiropractic Medicine and Physical Therapy

Where most people often misconstrue chiropractic medicine as physical therapy, Dr. Walcher says that this is not so. According to him, physical therapy is more on working the muscle. “There are several types of physical therapy and that they go to a physical therapist for a frozen shoulder, back pain, and knee problems.  Physical therapists will really focus on the symptoms. They will do electric stimulation or ultrasound. They will stretch your muscle and they will focus on the area of your concern.”

Chiropractic medicine, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on the areas of concern. “I focus on the alignment and allow the body to function and heal itself by having the joints moved, and nerve functions so the nerve will send proper messages to the organs and the muscles, allowing them to start functioning better,” says Dr. Walcher.

Given the extensive study of chiropractic medicine, he shares that a chiropractor is similar to a doctor who finished a four-year medical degree before going to chiropractic school. “We are responsible for diagnosing people. We just do not prescribe drugs. Chiropractors believe the power that the body can heal it.”

For patients who are hesitant or scared to go into treatment, Dr. Walcher says to find a good licensed chiropractor in their area. “There are many different styles and so just go ahead and experience it, try it and see firsthand that it works.”

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