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Keep your Pets Cool for the Summer

By: Erika MagsaysayKeep your Pets Cool for the Summer

Summer heat is no joke and animals can become victim of heat exhaustion – due to high temperatures overheating their bodies – which can lead to heat stroke. Heat stroke happens when the body cannot handle its own rising temperature, it can also lead to multiple organ dysfunctions.

Even if your pets reside inside your home, once it’s summer, the heat will definitely get to them. Here are some tips to keep your pet cool and happy during the summer heat.

1. Keep their drinking water available at all times!

The most important thing you can do for your pet is to keep them hydrated. It is the key to prevent them from heat exhaustion. Make sure your pets have clean water accessible to them at all times. Since it’s a lot hotter, your pets will surely drink more so check their bowls or bottles more often.

2. Get a pet drinking fountain.

Animals are instinctively drawn to running water. According to Dr. John Gicking, who specializes in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, “A recirculating water bowl or a pet water fountain cycles filtered water for a continuous source of fresh water.”

PetSafe notes that running water encourages animals to drink water and ensures its freshness more than stagnant water.

Pet water fountains come with charcoal and foam filters that keep water fresh. A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that running or flowing water can slow down bacteria from building up.

Water fountains are also good for cats ­– Cat Health states that our feline friends don’t like drinking out of still, stagnant water sources. If you’ve watched some cat videos online, they tend to be attracted to water coming out of the faucet and would start drinking it because instinctively they see moving water as fresh water.

3. Purchase cooling mats.

Cooling mats are available in some pet stores, drug stores, and online stores. These will help lower down your pet’s temperature and is available in different sizes.

4. Make some frozen treats.

Help your pets to keep cool by making them some frozen treats. Place your pet’s food, snack or fruits in an ice tray or popsicle tray with a bit of water, then place it in the freezer and you’re all set. They’ll enjoy licking their frozen food and it’ll cool them down from the summer’s scorching temperatures. Research online on what food and fruits are safe for your pets to eat before making frozen treats for them. Some examples are peanut butter, banana, and yogurt popsicles or frozen beef/chicken broth for dogs and frozen tuna for cats.

5. Give them a bath more often this summer.

Aside from keeping them clean, the water will help lower their body temperature.

6. Give them the ‘summer cut’.

Fur adds heat to their body so a ‘summer cut’ is recommended. However, if you do not want them to have this cut, make sure to brush their fur every day to take out the excess.

7. Take them on evening walks or swimming.

Lessen the activities when the sun is at its hottest. The heat will dehydrate your pet faster and the ground will be too hot for their paws. Take them for a walk in the early evening or let them go for a refreshing swim.

8. Purchase a small plastic kiddie pool.

If you have extra space, buy a small plastic kiddie pool and fill it up with water. Your pet will feel refreshed and have a lot of fun splashing!

9. Let them have some that air conditioner breeze.

Air conditioners are a blessing to humans, as they are for pets in keeping the body cool.

10. Place a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan.

This simple method will help cool the air and your pets will also have ice as a frozen treat.

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