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Pole Dancing: Exercise with a Passion

By: Angelica Jane AquinoPole Dancing: Exercise with a Passion

Pole dancing as a risqué stunt is old news as it has already been officially considered as a sport. Aside from the hopes of becoming part of the Olympic Games by 2020, pole dancing is also an effective way to get fit as it lets you use almost all parts of your body. 

It is also an all-in-one workout experience as pole dancing is a combination of strength training, endurance, and flexibility training as stated by NY Pole instructor Tracy Traskos. Just imagine yoga, Pilates, TRX, and Physique 57 combined into one!

But aside from targeting physical fitness, it also helps your inner self as it serves as an avenue for empowerment and self-confidence while feeling sexy. Which other sport could give the same effect as that?

While pole dancing surely looks exciting and fulfilling, deciding to get involved in the art is not easy as it requires a strong core, a flexible body, an overall physical strength and endurance, and of course, passion and commitment. But behind the bruises and body ache you would get (especially on the first few tries), all the benefits pole dancing can give is undoubtedly worth the pain. Just like any other sport or activity, this famous line says it best: "No pain, no gain."

In the Philippines, pole dancing has also started to become one of the mainstream fitness activities as several dancing and fitness schools and studios offer pole dancing classes. With its rising popularity in the country not as a sensual act but as an art and a fitness workout, it might as well be part of people's daily activities ­­– be it through pole dancing classes or in the comfort of your homes.

Pole Dancing as an Effective Way to Make You Look and Feel Sexier

Pole dancing is one of the best exercises for toning up the body as getting up the pole through lifting all your body weight, twisting, and twirling while keeping your balance lets you have that six-pack without doing crunches and sit-ups. Pole dancing is an intensive upper body exercise which targets your arms and shoulders as well – certain pole dancing positions also help tone up the thighs and quads.

Flexibility is also something you could improve through pole dancing as twirling around the pole requires a little muscle stretch, and all poses and moves require your ability to create the shapes on your own. According to pole athlete Tarryn Knight, flexibility also has undisputed benefits for prevention of injuries, recovery, and the general health of the muscle and joint.

Not only does pole dancing help in toning up but it also gives you a sense of sexiness and body confidence as it is advisable to wear fewer clothes as possible as the pole works best with skin contact. And the best thing about it? No one will judge you as everyone else in the class shares the same passion as you, so you can all look and feel sexy together while working on the pole moves and poses.

Pole Dancing as a Romantic and Fun Bonding Time with Your Partner (and the kids!)

Pole dancing might just be the perfect activity for couples who want to bring both romance and fitness in one activity.

Lindsey Teall and Jake Night, a couple from Missouri, actually consider pole dancing as their best bonding activity. Both pole dancers have the same passion for the art to the point that they decided to set up a pole in their own living room.

But aside from performing together, what is more interesting is that they also teach pole dancing to their three kids — their 11-year-old son Aiden, 5-year-old daughter Alaura, and their youngest child Rosalyn who is just three years old.

Despite gaining countless negative reactions from some people, especially online, the couple believes that there is nothing wrong with teaching and encouraging their kids to do pole dancing as they consider it as a sport and an art.

The family, apart from practicing together in their home, now performs pole dancing in public as a quintet.

But if there is no way for couples to install their own pole in their house, enrolling in the same pole dancing class would always be a great option. You get to spend more time together while you both get all the benefits of pole dancing — from being fit to becoming the sexiest versions of yourselves.

Pole dancing is also the best way to shed post-holiday pounds which you have gained way back from Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to pole athlete Joanna Pawelczyk, commitment is the key to notice visible weight results through pole dancing. Unlike other forms of exercise which only require one day a week, pole dancing needs a combination of a healthy balanced diet and training three to four times a week. 

Once desired weight is achieved, continuing pole dancing training is undoubtedly one of the best ways to define your muscles.

Whether you consider it a sport, art, or a sensual dance, pole dancing surely has something bigger and better to offer.

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