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Juice The Way You Like It

By: Snow DigonJuice The Way You Like It

If there’s one thing that a lot of people have in common nowadays, it’s the desire to become healthier, thinner, and of course, the ultimate #bodygoals – sexier! There’s just one problem though: it’s a tough call! With unhealthy food choices tempting us at every opportunity, plus the busy lifestyle that many of us lead, the desire to eat healthy is always put at the backburner. Does this mean then that we don’t have options left? The answer is an absolute “No!”  

When you visit restaurants and you see those tall bottles filled with colorful juices, grab them instead of going over the menu of fats and carbs. Those rainbow-colored beverages are pressed juices that create a wonderful effect in the body. By opting for these healthy juices in lieu of your regular food intake, you are already starting your juice cleansing journey that could give you tons of health benefits.

Lose Weight Beautifully

Juice cleansing allows your body to lose weight without looking like someone who has not eaten for days. This conditions your body to establish healthy habits. You are replacing all those awful refined carbs, processed foods, and a lot more with fruit and vegetable juices. This will lead you to lose weight naturally. The best part is that you would also have healthier skin, which gives you a nice lovely glow.

Renewed Energy Levels

Talk about revitalizing your body right at cellular level and juice cleanses will give it to you. Yes, this fills the body with a chockfull of nutrients, free from those toxic chemicals that the body receives from processed foods (think instant coffee and refined sugar). These nutrients get absorbed by the body naturally, revitalizing the innermost core. Try to have that fresh juice of fruits and vegetables and you will notice a difference in energy levels in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes from intake.

A Break for Your Digestive System

If you have ever felt bloated after eating a big serving of lasagna or three slices of pizza, then you may be overworking your digestive system on a daily basis. Just like any machine, it also needs some time to rest, repair, and recuperate. A juice cleanse can do wonders to help reset your entire digestive system. Since juice cleanses are nutrients in their most natural state, you would be putting less stress on your gut. Unknowingly, you are also ensuring that your digestive system remains healthy even as you age.

Removes Toxins More Efficiently

Toxins can cause a lot of negative effects on the body and one way that you can combat this is to go on a juice cleanse. Constant juice cleansing can lead to better hydration, which then helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Once you slowly reduce toxins, your cells would be able to benefit from the amazing nutrients that a glass of healthy fruit and veggie juice brings. The healing is not only within your cells, but it will radiate in your appearance.

Reduce Inflammation

Juice cleansing can help reduce inflammation in the body, just make sure that you do a follow-up with a diet that is mostly plant-based. If you have heard medical experts talk about chronic inflammation, you have to know that the cause of it is simply living an unhealthy lifestyle. You may have been eating meat, processed foods, and dairy every single day, all of which are contributory factors to inflammation. Through juice cleansing, you are pushing out bad toxins from the body, cleaning whatever remnants there are left, and simply replacing everything with better and healthier nutrients.

Indeed, if you feel that you are too busy to count all the carbs, to go to the gym, and to simply live a ‘healthy lifestyle’, start with juice cleanses. Instead of opting for soda at the restaurant, go for that bottle of colorful fruit juices. This will ensure that your body receives good nutrients at that exact moment when you were about to choose something of an unhealthy alternative. Keep at it and watch your body transform beautifully inside and out!

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