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Sorry Sore Throat!

By: Claire Yu ContrerasSorry Sore Throat!

Whenever the season changes drastically – from rainy season to dry season – most of us would get sick with fever, colds, flu and sore throat.

A sore throat (pharyngitis) is a dry, painful or irritating feeling in the throat. It is that pain when we have difficulty swallowing or when we talk with a hoarse voice. You also feel a swollen and hot sensation in your throat and there are either some red or white patches on the tonsils.

The common cause of a sore throat is a viral infection and this may result in other symptoms like fever, flu, colds, cough, body aches, and headaches.

Here are some ways on how to treat a sore throat:

  • Build a strong immune system. The most important thing is to first treat and prevent infection to your immune system. Have a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise, and take vitamins and minerals to make the immune system stronger to fight disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Take a rest. Nothing beats a nice long rest at home. Be sure to also rest your voice and do minimal house chores as doing so will help you recuperate faster.
  • Drinks lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated, so avoid drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and alcohol. You can try drinking warm tea with honey as it helps soothes the throat.
  • Eat warm and soft foods. This is to prevent swallowing food that can hurt your sore throat. You can try soothing it with cold treats like ice pops or ice cream.
  • Avoid irritants. Cover your mouth and nose from irritants outside. Use a humidifier at home to help eliminate dry air and irritants. Avoid any form of smoke, especially cigarette smoke. Do not even attempt or try to smoke at this point.
  • Gargle with salt water. Mixing ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in a 200-250 mL of water can help lessen throat infection. Gargle the solution and spit afterward. You may also rinse after with clean water (preferably drinking water) to help cleanse the salty taste.
  • Take medicines like anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics help ease sore throat and its symptoms. Choose from lozenges, medicated candies, and oromucosal solutions for sore throat available in the market right now. Nowadays, oromucosal sprays are recommended to help lessen the pain or difficulty in swallowing for its ease of application.
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