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Defining Mental Health

By: Jiecel RamirezDefining Mental Health

Mental health is often perceived to be the equivalent of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia to name a few. But mental health is more than illness – it is also wellness.

In line with World Mental Health Day in October, we asked 100 people what mental health means to them. Here are some of the top responses:

1. "Mental health is awareness of one's self and an acceptance of how complex we are as sentient beings." Eric Cruz, 33, Educator

2. "Mental health is what allows you to become the person you truly are, without being haunted by internal monsters." Elena Arakelian, 29, Senior Scriptwriter

3. "Mental health for me is if you are in your equilibrium state. Not necessarily all is well, but at least you are at your balance state in all aspect of your life." Bheng Ventanilla, 42, HR Manager

4. "For me, good mental health is having peace within yourself. It’s when you’re not gripped by negative thoughts, not at the mercy of anxiety, worry, or depression. Good mental health is having stability, being calm even in the midst of a raging storm." David Terrado, 27, International MBA Student

5. “Mental health is the blissful calm knowing that others care about you.” Lanz Lao, 28, Supervisor

6. "On a simple level, mental health is about how you think, behave, and feel. On a more complex level, it's a topic that's sparked a lot of debate and controversy but is now more than ever a discussion we all need to have together in order to live healthy, balanced lives. It's just as important as physical health, and just because we don't 'see' the symptoms as easily as we see sickness show through our skin, doesn't mean that they are any less important. We live in extremely stressful times and if we are to more than just cope, we have to start being more open-minded about what we feel, think, and face and why. Remove the stigma from this topic. Talking about mental health doesn't make you weak or abnormal – it makes you smart and prepared and determined." Andrea Recto, 27, Content Manager

7. “Mental health is having the courage to show up at every aspect of life. It is fighting the inner battles and emitting a light of bravery in a world where authenticity is often misunderstood as weakness.” Leigh Arreane Toloza, 25, Communications Specialist

8. "Mental health is being able to love yourself too while you are busy helping others. A healthy mind brings out the best in you, and makes you reach your full potential. Through it, you become more empathetic to others, enabling you to reach out to them more." Jen Pascua, 23, Development Worker

9. "Mental health is just as important as physical health. My self-love and sanity compass are more important than the opinions of toxic people I have cut ties with. I'd rather lose them than lose my mind." Ruby Olermo, 28, Media Practitioner

10."Mental health deals with a person’s psychiatric well-being, an often ignored health concern. It has been neglected and misunderstood for decades already. Thankfully, a new Mental Health Law has been passed to provide the necessary attention to this previously 'hidden' concern." Ice Baguilat, 31, Lawyer

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