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5 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar to Add to Your Beauty Routine

By: Angelica Jane Aquino5 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar to Add to Your Beauty Routine

I had always ignored apple cider vinegar (ACV) whenever I pass by the condiments section in the grocery store, up until I bought this well-raved bentonite mask which is meant to be mixed with either water or ACV.

After looking for reviews on the Internet, I finally decided to use ACV as most swear by the wonders it does with bentonite. But aside from being an essential ingredient to the mask and being a must-have for people with health concerns who chose to go natural, ACV has surprisingly a lot more uses and benefits when it comes to beauty and wellness.

1. Can be used as a toner for brighter and tighter skin

ACV has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat acne and impurities. It also helps restore and balance the skin's pH level which is one important factor to consider in order to prevent acne build up. Mix a half cup of ACV with an equal part of distilled or filtered water. You can add some drops of your preferred essential oil then transfer the solution to a container. Apply a generous amount to the entire face with a cotton ball or round and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off with cool water. The smell might bother you slightly, but no need to worry as it goes away shortly after rinsing. Do this for a few days and say hello to brighter and blemish-free skin.

2. Eliminates bad breath and helps whiten teeth

Flashing a wide smile and initiating a conversation could feel uncomfortable for people with bad breath and stained teeth but ACV can help eliminate these oral concerns. ACV, when used as a mouthwash, can help whiten teeth and remove unwanted stains with its antiseptic properties. However, because of ACV's acidity, it must be diluted properly to prevent damaging the surface of the teeth. Mix one part ACV to two parts water and gargle it for 60 seconds. Rinse it out with water and wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. See and smell for yourself!

3. Fights dandruff

Say goodbye to itchy, oily, and flaky scalp with ACV that has natural antifungal properties that clean clogged pores and hair follicles. ACV also helps balance the scalp's pH level to help regulate sebum production. Mix equal parts of ACV and water and you can opt to add drops of tea tree oil as well. Massage the solution to your entire scalp for five minutes and leave it for the next five minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Proceed with your hair routine. Repeat the treatment 1-3 days a week for noticeable results.

4. Helps soothe sunburn

Spending the summer dipping in the pool or swimming at the beach is undoubtedly fun but the red and painful sunburn you could get from overexposure to the sun would take some time to completely heal. ACV could help relieve the redness and soothe your burnt skin with its anti-inflammatory properties and its potassium component that will speed up your skin's recovery. Combine equal parts of ACV and cool water. Soak a washcloth to the solution and apply to the affected area. Repeat several times every day until your burnt skin recovers. If your body is sunburnt all over, consider adding ACV to your bath for faster healing.

5. Can be used as a soak for yellow and stained nails

Stained nails is another problem some of us have to deal with because not only is unpleasant in appearance, but it also indicates poor health and bad habits. But no matter what causes your nail problem, ACV can help brighten stained and yellowish nails with its acetic and malic acids that reduce discoloration. Combine half a cup of ACV and an equal part of warm water. Soak your nails to the solution for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it with water. Apply a small amount of olive oil to each nail and repeat the steps twice a day until discoloration disappears.

With all these beauty uses of apple cider vinegar as well as its health benefits and many purposes, this must-have bottle is surely worth hoarding.

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