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How to Banish Burnout

By: Snow DigonHow to Banish Burnout

As the clock ticks, you race against its hands just to reach your quota, only to find out that the files you’ve saved earlier got deleted over the network. Add some co-workers looking like the Iron Men in the office, simply flaunting their achievements to your face. So after a year of getting by with this kind of work environment, you start to feel upon waking up in the morning, “Do I need to go to work today?” Other times, you wish that there was a better job somewhere waiting for you, ready to welcome you with arms open wide.

Now before you judge the guy who feels this way, better hold your horses, because this is a classic case of burnout. You know, the situation where you lack the motivation to work and dread going to the office. It just goes to show that such emotional and mental state of an employee are normal, albeit worrisome from the employer’s point of view.

In fact, according to USA Today, around 77% of workers in the US admit to having experienced burnout at least once. More than 50% though admitted that they have experienced it not only once, but many times. Mayo Clinic has defined burnout as “a state of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion, combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work.”

At this point, you may already be wondering if the feeling of ‘heaviness’ and desire to call in sick every single day are signs of burnout. Below are some of the things that you need to watch out for as they can help you determine whether you are experiencing the condition.

Here are some of the signs that you may be experiencing burnout:

  1. You don’t want to get out of bed to go to work.
  2. Every day at work leads you to a conclusion that it has been a bad day.
  3. You feel exhausted even if you have only worked for an hour.
  4. There is really no joy left when it comes to your work, no interest whatsoever.
  5. You feel depressed thinking of the work that you would be doing. (The mere thought of work gets you depressed, ugh!)
  6. You don’t know what to do first and you feel overwhelmed with the tasks that you have to do.
  7. The patience is gone. You snap at the slightest instance of somebody bothering you, even if he was a newbie just wanting to ask questions.
  8. There’s already a feeling of hopelessness.
  9. Escapist behaviors like excessive drinking and smoking are taking a toll on you.
  10. It already reflects in your physical condition.

If you have been working for a certain company for quite some time now and say ‘yep’ to any of the above symptoms, then you may indeed be suffering from burnout. The question now is: How do you banish burnout?

There is no hard and fast rule in getting rid of burnout. However, there are things that you can do so that you can overcome this state once and for all.


Do you know that exercise gives your body tons of mental and physical benefits? For one, exercise releases endorphins which helps people feel happy — you get to boost your mood and reduce stress. Those bouts of depression at work will be greatly reduced and you would have the energy to keep pushing tasks forward

Get enough sleep.

Studies have shown that you are more likely to have the energy to work and have a better disposition if you have enough sleep. You wake up energized and, most likely, with a smile on your face. This is one basic need that must be addressed as lack thereof can greatly contribute to burnout.

Set a daily mindset.

Sometimes you just need to drive home the point that your work is the one that sustains your needs and that of your family’s. So instead of looking at it as an adversary, consider it a great privilege. After all, there are people who would love to trade places with you who have been unemployed for a long time. Never mind the demanding boss and the tough job requirements that you should face. After all, you were hired because you have the capacity to do it!

Settle emotional problems.

It is undeniable that you get distracted from work if you have emotional problems like those concerning your personal life or that of your family’s. Your focus will always be the issues in your family, so do your best to settle all these things. That way, you would have a better disposition at work and rid yourself of that burnout.

Focus on the positive side of things.

It would be best to start your day focusing on the good things in life. Be thankful that you get to wake up each day with the strength and the opportunity to earn an income, something that others may not have. See the things that you can be thankful for every day and you’ll find work less stressful!

Burnout will always be a state of mind. It is not something that you cannot get rid of. More than the physical contributory factors, it is a matter of refocusing and making some changes to your mindset. So start the day right every single day and thank your lucky stars that you have work that could bring you a decent income!

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