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The Power of Singing in the Shower

By: Jiecel RamirezThe Power of Singing in the Shower

All of us have sung our hearts out while taking a bath. We’ve all had that mini-concert within the four corners of our showers because why not? Who doesn't want to start their day right before leaving for work, school, and the like?

I remember my roommate who automatically unleashes her inner Shakira as soon as she sets foot in our bathroom. It doesn't come as a surprise because just like my soloist wannabe buddy, I also have my Mariah Carey moments, even if I don't possess the five-octave vocal range and sound exactly the opposite of the Songbird Supreme with her impressive whistle-singing.

We can't deny that there's something satisfying about singing in the shower. It does more than leave you feeling fabulous and refreshed throughout the day. As a matter of fact, experts found plenty of benefits associated with it.

Singing in the shower is an antidepressant without side effects.

Was there a time you belted out a song while bathing and for some reason, you found yourself in a positive state right after? Similar to eating chocolates, singing releases feel-good brain chemicals that improve our mood.

We sing in the shower not because there's nothing else left for us to do or that we are feeling bored. We sing because it puts us in a better mood and it makes us forget about our problems.

According to a study made by BHS and its staff, Reid Wilson, an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, claims that we can sing away our woes by picking a song of our choice and setting our troubles to music.

For example, replace the lyrics of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ with something like “My credit card bill is going to be late, going to be late, going to be late; my credit rating will be ruined, and I’ll never get a mortgage.” You can create a version of your own worry song and either sing it out loud or sing it in your mind until your anxiety goes away.

Wilson believes this is effective because "the singing makes you feel ridiculous", adding that "it’s very hard to maintain your distress when you’re doing something foolish. You step back from the worry and put it in perspective."

Singing while taking a bath is tantamount to meditating.

Meditation does not always have to be sitting still on the floor. You can make bath time a ritual of mindfulness and joy. By massaging shampoo into your scalp, smelling the aromatic scent of soap against your skin, listening to the sound of the shower, and feeling the coldness or hotness of the water while singing along to your favorite song, you open the gate to peace and balance at that very moment.

The therapeutic potential of singing goes as far as healing the mind, body, and soul. As reported in The Telegraph, Dr Björn Vickhoff, Head Researcher at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, asserts that a "song is a form of regular, controlled breathing, since breathing out occurs on the song phrases and inhaling takes place between these, it gives you pretty much the same effect as yoga breathing. It helps you relax, and there are indications that it does provide a heart benefit.” This simple activity boosts one's energy and vitality.

The acoustics in the shower room brings out the rockstar in you!

The best place to sing is not on stage nor in front of judges with a huge crowd. Travel not far because the best place to be is right at home. Guess what? You're doing a great job if you burst into song every time you step into the bathroom!

Aside from being alone and enclosed in a safe environment during this isolated period of time where you feel more relaxed and confident in yourself, the construction of this one-of-a-kind sound booth of yours also plays a huge role in developing your singing prowess.

The magic is in its ceramic walls. Your bathroom’s ceramic tiles don't absorb sound well, and when you sing, your voice tends to bounce around, back and forth, adding volume and power to the sound you produce before completely fading away. Moreover, with the area's small space, your vocal styling is given extra-rich and embellished sound effects. Thus, your singing voice sounds better. Nothing can ever beat this personal sound system when it comes to boosting one's self-confidence!

Singing can keep you from growing old.

Aside from its calming, energizing, and reassuring effect, science also found that singing can maintain our youthfulness.

One of the evident indications of aging can be found in our voice. Just like all the other muscles in our body, voice muscles also need proper care because once neglected, several voice problems may arise including the possibility of sounding a lot older than we actually are. Good thing is, the simple practice of singing in the shower on a daily basis can slow down this sign of aging.

“Singing exercises the vocal cords and keeps them youthful, even in old age. The less age-battered your voice sounds, the more you will feel, and seem, younger,” stated Graham Welch, Director for Advanced Music Education at London’s Roehampton Institute.

Welch also pointed out that the chest expands and the back and shoulders straighten when breaking into a song. Therefore, it refines our posture.

It lowers the risk for heart disease.

Singing, compared to working out, is a lot more fun and way cheaper than therapy. Studies revealed that singing when showering is good for both the mind and heart. Welch described singing in the shower as a ‘full body workout.’

“The evidence is very positive about the health benefits for people suffering from mental as well as physical difficulties, including dementia, heart disease, and related pulmonary function – again not least because singing is an aerobic activity which improves oxygenation of the blood, cardiac function, breathing, and alertness,” he explained.

Singing is the new best medicine.

If you haven't tried carrying out a melody yet for the fear of annoying someone or tarnishing your seemingly good image, it's never too late for you to begin warbling your favorite songs while in the shower and make it a habit. There's nothing to lose, only gains.

Never miss out this enormous opportunity to live a happier, healthier, and longer life, whether you are not the musical type of person or someone who can't hit those notes. Singing, after all, is not about impressing people, it's about expressing yourself and celebrating the powerful gift of your own voice.

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