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Top Men Health Worries

"Most common male health issues"
By: Jose Maria M. Villarama IITop Men Health Worries

Erectile dysfunction/Impotence. Although common in men over 75, it can occur at any age. Even men who have hit 30 are also concerned about this, despite advances in the pharmaceutical industry, and an improvement in how men perceive and take care of their health.

Prostate enlargement. Enlargement of the prostate can cause difficulties in urination or can alter its frequency.  Prostate enlargement is usually benign but can be caused by cancer or infection.

Heart disease. Improper diet, disrupted sleeping patterns, smoking, drinking, and stress are usually the cause of an increased incidence of heart disease among men.

Stroke. High blood pressure, improper diet, lack of exercise, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and stress are risk factors for stroke. Family predisposition, age, and race are also risk factors.

Diabetes. Increased alcohol consumption, particularly beer, excessive rice intake, and a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of acquiring diabetes, as do genetic predisposition, age, and race.

Liver problems. Man’s love of alcohol, even if he doesn’t admit it, is the main culprit for the development of liver problems, particularly cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Renal problems. Salt intake as well as substance abuse, whether in the form of alcohol or even prescription drugs, can very well lead to problems of the kidney. 

Respiratory ailments. The Philippine Global Adult Tobacco Survey conducted in 2009 revealed that of the 17.3 million Filipinos who smoke, 14.6 million are men, who puff an average of 11 sticks of cigarettes per day.  

Cancer. Lung cancer (a result of smoking), prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer (a result of too much meat consumption or little fiber intake) are the leading killer cancers in men.

Baldness. Genetics plays a key factor in male baldness, as well as stressors encountered in family and work life.

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