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Break the Weather Blues

By: Excel V. DyquiangcoBreak the Weather Blues

Many people have a hard time keeping fit during the rainy season. For them, the bad weather often means staying in bed longer than the usual.

But hey, don’t allow the monsoon to keep you from getting all active and healthy. Bear in mind that fitness is not relegated to certain months. So whether it is raining hard all day long or the sun just won’t come out, there are various ways to indulge in physical activities. Here are five of them.

Wall Climbing

For anyone who wants to experience the rush of heights while at the same time, pushing strength to their upper body, then wall climbing is just the ideal sport for you. Around Metro Manila, there are several indoor sport climbing venues where you can feel that adrenalin rush. The concept is when one wall becomes too easy, there are other walls where you can climb yourself up. Of course, the climb has varying difficulty levels to challenge you. Now that indeed can make you work up a sweat – whether it is raining or not!


Consisting of natural moments such as jumping, running, rolling, climbing, swinging, flipping or tumbling, the art of parkour is a creative and functional movement that allows you to overcome any obstacles or hurdles along the way. Think Jake Gyllenhaal in Disney’s Prince of Persia where he uses parkour to slug off his enemies, or Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard.

However dangerous it may seem or look, there are indoor parkour facilities that promise safety – and fun – for all of its participants. Their studios are designed solely to break no muscles with various foams and soft devices scattered across the rooms. In addition, there are personal trainers all around to guide you and to keep you grounded so you can be sure that you are protected from harm.


Who says triathlon is only for the outdoors? Just recently, a popular fitness gym opened its first indoor triathlon facility that athletes and even non-athletes can participate in. Its amenities include a run in the track, a row of stationary bikes, and a swimming pool. The best thing about trying all of this equipment is that beginners can determine their pace, without too much pressure.

The indoor triathlon facility is quite challenging since you are working all of your muscle groups while having fun at the same time. That and the prospect of working alongside your favorite triathlete makes it the ultimate fitness goal.

Aerodance Workout

If you want to improve your balance and coordination - and your cardiovascular fitness - while having fun in the process, an aerodance workout may just be the ideal regimen for you. You can head to a trampoline park and jump to your heart’s content. Here, you can also enjoy activities such as shooting hoops, flying across the main court, playing a game of dodgeball warfare, diving into the giant foam pit, and just penetrating new ground in one of its fitness classes.

What is most unique about the trampoline park is it is not an individual fitness routine but an activity where you and the whole family can enjoy together – jumping, hopping or even swirling around in the air.


A new fitness phenomenon that is geared towards women, piloxing is a creative mix of boxing and zumba with the objective of producing a sleek, powerful and sexy image. The exercise blends high intensity and low intensity moves that can burn calories faster than you think possible. Benefits of piloxing include balance and flexibility improvement, cardiovascular workout, energy boost, and muscle conditioning.


For those who have always wanted to try cycling but are hesitant to do it outdoors, there’s a cardio workout that lets you hop on a bike and experience the same amount of intensity as outdoor cycling. While it may look like you’re just riding a stationary bike, spinning puts things in full gear as it promises not just a full-body workout but also a significant increase in fitness level because it allows the rider to have a full control of his speed and resistance. That and the fast-tempo music and “virtual” outdoor courses which are integrated into the workout make spinning more than just a regular indoor cycling routine. Plus, it can also help decrease fat mass, lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as improve body composition. 


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