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Keeping a Good Vision

By: Jonalyn Fulo FortunoKeeping a Good Vision

It’s that time of year again when the greying skies usually mean two things: the onset of a season that allows us to enjoy the comforts of our own home and the onslaught of maladies that complicates our love affair with the so-called bed weather. 

The monsoon season is the time when we are more susceptible to the disease-causing microorganisms, and the usual culprits come in the form of cough, cold, fever, sore throat, vomiting, and diarrhea. But while these are among the most common health menace that we have to deal with, there’s another threat that can altogether take away all the joys that the season may bring.

Just as our immune system is easily weakened when the weather changes, our eyes, too, can fall prey to health disorders. They are highly susceptible to infections given that the high humidity and rain showers inadvertently create a favorable condition for viruses to breed, thrive, and proliferate. Dry eyes, sties, and conjunctivitis are just a few of the eye problems that we have a higher chance of encountering especially when our eyes make a direct contact with the rainwater. But there are ways we can take to steer clear from the eye ailments and maintain a healthy eyesight:

Personal hygiene. Hand-to-eye contact should not be made if your hands are not thoroughly washed. Germs easily spread in our hands which is why it is important to make sure that the latter is clean before rubbing your eyes. Also, do not share personal items with other people such as soap, cosmetics, and towels as these can carry highly contagious infections.

Don’t self-medicate. Dust usually makes our eyes itchy. When this problem occurs, do not self-medicate by buying over-the-counter eye drops. Instead, wash your eyes with cold water to prevent further itching. However, if it does not subside, it’s best to consult a specialist and take the medicine that he/she will prescribe.

Eye protection is a must. Make sure that you wear sunglasses or any eye gear when going out or traveling. This is to ensure that your eyes are protected from dust particles, dirty rainwater, and other infection-causing agents. 

Be wary of contact lenses. Unless absolutely necessary, it is best to avoid wearing contact lenses during heavy rains because they can cause eye redness and itching. And if you are experiencing eye infection, red eye, or any form of abnormal discharge, do not use the contact lenses as they further create an eye problem. Instead, immediately consult a doctor for evaluation.

Keep the lenses clean. Now for those who really need to wear contact lenses for vision correction, the best way to keep the eyes protected is by making sure that the lenses are cleaned thoroughly and stored in only fresh solution before and after use. Similarly, those who wear eyeglasses should also take extra care when cleaning their spectacles. Wipe your glasses at least twice a day with specially formulated eyeglasses lens cleaner, or running water as an alternative.

Have a proper diet. While street food might be tempting, it’s best to avoid them and set your sights instead of healthier food especially those that are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E among others.  

Take eye vitamins. To add further protection to the eyes, taking vitamins that promote eye health or contain eye nutrients is also worth considering, especially for the elderly. Not only will they help us maintain a good eyesight but also ensure that infections and diseases are kept at bay.  After all, our eyes should always be given special attention, no matter the time of the year. 

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