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Sleep, My Baby: Tricks to Put Kids to Sleep

By: Claire Y ContrerasSleep, My Baby: Tricks to Put Kids to Sleep

My friend, who is a mother, has trouble putting her 4-year-old son to sleep most of the time. It is common for most parents to have this kind of difficulty with their kids. It not only affects the sleep hours that both parent and child need but also the growth of the child and the wellness of the parent.

Here are some tips and tricks that may help you with those sleepless nights.

  • Know your child’s sleep behavior.

It is a must that you know how your child behaves when it comes to bedtime. Some kids may want to play until they get tired and sleepy, while some may have concerns that they couldn’t get to sleep (like nightmares or being scared of the dark). Learning these will help you with the next item on this list.

  • Make a bedtime routine.

Before going to bed, let your child be comfortable. Give them a relaxing bath, brush their teeth, get them in their pajamas, and do some bedtime activities like reading stories, singing songs, or praying with them. But most of all, your presence gives them security and love from you.

  • Play nice.

If your child wants to play before bedtime, go play! A little bit of roughhousing is okay to burn off the extra energy and for your child to feel a little more connected to you. It is still best to play together with your child using books, coloring materials, or other crafts your child might want until sleep kicks in.

  • Sometimes making agreements with your child can also help, but make sure your agreements will be what’s best for them.

It is also important that you have to compromise without making them and yourself feel bad. Some examples of these agreements are “If you sleep on time, you also give me a good night sleep and that will make me happy!” or “Mommy will give you lots of love if you get a good night sleep.” Something similar to those will make your child look forward to tomorrow. They also want affection and affirmation from you.

  • Always remember to bring PATIENCE with you.

Raising a child is not child’s play and know that in everything you do, your child will sense that. Bring that calmness with you and know how to deal with your child whenever they are moody or hyper.

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