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"Avoid embarrassment with excessive sweating"
By: Jose Maria M. Villarama IIThe Small Stuff

Hyperhidrosis is sweating beyond the body’s need to regulate temperature. This is especially noticed in areas where sweat glands are concentrated: in the armpits, palms, and the soles of the feet. There are home remedies, medical, and surgical treatments for the condition. But when they fail (or are too expensive or too risky), one can always observe the following precautions to avoid embarrassing situations:

●  Always bring a handkerchief or face towel to wipe away the excess sweat.

●  Avoid eating spicy or hot food that can aggravate sweating.

●  Always keep cool, literally and figuratively, by staying out of the sun, crowded places, or high temperature zones.  Drink water to regulate the body’s temperature.  Learn to relax.  Avoid situations which can make one angry, agitated, or stressed. Taking deep breaths, especially when in stressful situations, may help control emotions and consequently, sweating.

●  Lose weight. As a secondary cause of hyperhidrosis, excess pounds as a result of obesity can really make one work up a big sweat, even when doing minimal physical activity.

●  Have a medical check-up. Other medical conditions or illnesses may be the real cause of excessive sweating and should therefore be addressed.

When all else fails, tell the truth.  Letting people know that you have hyperhidrosis will not only save you the embarrassment of sweaty armpits and hands, but will also help make them more understanding towards and sympathetic about your condition.

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