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Water Therapy

By: Orlando G. JavierWater Therapy

The body is made up of 80 percent water. It is kept and held up by body systems that require digestion, circulation, lubrication, and waste disposal, among other body functions. We need water to aid in digesting the food we put in our stomach, in circulating the blood throughout the body, in keeping the joints properly lubricated, and in disposing off body wastes.

Water is thus a primary requirement for human beings to function properly. There is no understating the need for water to replenish the liquid lost during the body’s functioning. This replenishment is known as hydration.

It’s has long been a widespread belief that the body needs at least eight glasses of water every day to replace the lost amount. Recent evidence shows that more benefits can be derived if this amount of water is increased in proper regulation. It has been suggested that taking at least four glasses of water in the morning upon waking as a form of therapy can provide more long-lasting health benefits.

4 Glasses in the Morning?

You may wonder: why in the morning? This is to replace the water that is lost the previous night in preparation for another day of full body functioning. There is enough reason to follow this advice, though it is a matter of preference based on convenience.

Based on studies and researches, there are five benefits that can be derived from drinking more water:

  • Water rehydrates the body. Hydration is the continuous process of replacing liquid loss in the body. There is so much to be gained in terms of overall health if the body is properly hydrated. Conversely, there is so much to be lost if the body is dehydrated. At its worst, it can lead to instant death.
  • Water purifies the colon. Once the food is consumed, its next destination is the colon where it is further digested into appropriate form preparatory to its distribution to the different parts of the body. Imagine if the food that reaches the colon is lacking in water and we can have an idea of the importance of water even at this stage. Although the colon has facilities for breaking up the food it receives, it needs water to make the digestive process efficient, or it will fail its role.
  • Water refreshes the brain. Our brain needs water for it to function at its best. Brain cells need to have water to achieve that crucial balanced state necessary to operate efficiently. When the body loses too much water, that efficiency is not achieved. And when this loss is prolonged, it can lead to numerous symptoms such as loss of focus, failed memory, brain fog, brain fatigue and other problems such as headaches, sleep difficulty, depression, and other disorders.
  • Water stimulates bowel movement. Nobody can dispute the necessity of proper bowel movement. When your stool is hard to pass, life is equally hard! Constipation or having stool that is hard to pass is not only agonizing, it is also inconvenient, not to mention the more serious effects of wastes not being disposed on time.
  • Water radiates the skin. For the skin to perform its role in the body, it needs water like any other organ. Proper hydration of the body will help the skin keeps the required moisture level and deliver the nutrients necessary for it to stay healthy. This prevents or at least delays the skin ageing process resulting in an enhanced complexion and added skin glow.

Of course, there are other lasting benefits of proper hydration which are numerous to mention here. In the end, what you do is not as important as to whether you take in more water in the morning or at any other time of the day as to how much water you take. We know that the more water—fit and safe water—we take, the better for our bodies.

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