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Your Diet, at Your Doorstep

By: Jessica Nicole CanaberalYour Diet, at Your Doorstep

In this day and age, most people barely have the time to make themselves a sandwich. They have been completely absorbed by work and other related activities to the point that they eat at restaurants every day to make their 3 square meals. However, people are aware of what this can do for their health in the long run. This is where diet delivery services come in, which is a godsend for busy people who either want to eat healthily or lose weight from the burgers and fries they have for lunch every week.

Diet delivery services became popular in the country three to four years ago, and it can be overwhelming for beginners to choose one to subscribe to. If you have been curious to try this kind of service, read on to know if they are worth the hype or if they are a passing fad.

Why you should give it a try

We know that diet delivery services are convenient and have health benefits. What more can convince you to subscribe? According to Patricia Quizon, a registered nutritionist and co-owner of Plan:Eat, their service also aims to educate people about the food that they eat. Through their set meals, customers will have an idea on how to portion their food intake and how they can make their favorite cuisines work for them. “Ultimately, we hope to convey the idea of diets as something personal, easy, and definitely sustainable. We do this by promoting portion control and definitely not restrictions of entire food groups. So in a gist, we don’t necessarily want Filipinos to be dependent on diet delivery meals but more so, we hope to be a tool to educate and propagate individual empowerment towards a more stable and healthful food relationship,” she said.

The prices might chase some away from trying the service, but they have to understand that what they are paying for will reap future benefits. After all, diet delivery services help in achieving one's fitness goals by providing healthy food. While it is best combined with exercise, the larger factor of a healthy lifestyle is food.

If that does not convince you still, these diet delivery services do not require you to subscribe to a month's worth of meals immediately. You can try it for a week to see if it is something that suits your situation.

On a typical working day, the average Filipino office worker between the ages of 20 to 40 spends a median of PHP 200 per day on food and transportation. Choosing a diet delivery service and paying approximately PHP 300 to 500 for a whole day's worth of meals, from breakfast to dinner with some snacks in between, is not a bad deal. With a one-off payment, these meals are delivered right to your doorstep, whether that's at home or in the office, saving you from the effort of making your food yourself or going out for lunch.

You won’t have to stress about your own meals for the day, week, or month since you know they will have the proper amount of calories needed and have you covered from morning until evening.

However, there are also misconceptions that diet food tastes bland or barely satisfies one’s appetite. “We think the real reason why there are still not a lot of people who have gotten into diet delivery meals is that of some misconception that diet delivery is only for people who actually want to go on a diet and lose weight. It’s not,” Krizia Remon, the creative and marketing officer of the Lunchbox Diet, said. Their service caters not only to those people but also to those looking for the convenience of food delivery. It’s a win-win situation for the latter; as they will be given nutritious meals at a time they need it.

Is a nutritionist needed for this?

Most, if not all, diet delivery services have a nutritionist on their team. For Julianne Stefani Malong, RND, CPT, NLPP, nutritionists have an impact on the success of the business. “They can assess the soundness of the menu from ingredients to food pairings, and they can suggest portion sizing that will be beneficial to the client and cost-effective to the business,” she said.

However, there are people who might need a second opinion before subscribing. They are those who have pre-existing health conditions, such as diabetes.

Malong advised that people should consult with a nutritionist-dietitian if subscribing to a diet delivery service will help them reach their goals. Talking to one will be beneficial to know what their needs and restrictions are.  “The consultation can also include future-pacing that considers the duration of the diet delivery subscription, and other strategies that will work for the client,” she added.

For Plan:Eat’s Quizon, the more critical approach is for people who have health conditions to consult and then cross-check what is being recommended. “Personally, I recommend my clients to gauge an approach by its sustainability. If by honest assessment, you are not able to see yourself doing a dietary change for the rest of your life, then it isn’t for you.”

Is this for you?

Do you feel subscribing to a diet delivery service will make your life easier? If it will, and if you also have the budget for it, by no means try it. Take also into consideration if you can sustain it in the long run. “Lack of sustainability is what makes a fad diet so if a company can make their meals fresh, affordable, varied, balanced, convenient, and flexible for individual clients, as well as for families, then that will be the best option for me,” Malong said.

Diet delivery services are also looking forward to catering to more areas as well as larger groups of people. Their future plans might push you to finally get on board and start eating your way to a healthier tomorrow. 

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