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10 Time-saving Beauty Tricks for Busy Girls Who are Always in a Rush

By: Angelica Jane Aquino10 Time-saving Beauty Tricks for Busy Girls Who are Always in a Rush

From the moment you get out of bed and realize you snoozed the alarm too much, being in a rush and skipping breakfast would probably be your best option to be able to get to work or school on time.

1. Search for dual or multi-purpose skincare products.

Who doesn’t want glowing and healthy-looking skin? One trick to achieve such in no time is to use dual or multi-purpose skincare products that are widely available, be it drugstore or high-end brands. These include scrubs which also serve as cleansers, moisturizer-slash-serum creams and gels, or moisturizers and lotions with SPF (at least SPF 30 for your skin's needed protection from harmful UV rays).

2. Find the perfect micellar water.

This beauty water could often be seen on the must-have list of celebrities and skincare enthusiasts as it does wonders for your face. From cleansing, toning, and even removing your makeup, this alcohol-free liquid contains micelle molecules that break down dirt and leaves your face squeaky clean.

3. Hydrate with some spritz of facial mist.

It is important to keep your skin hydrated to achieve that dewy, glowing look. Not only will facial mists nourish and hydrate your skin, but it can also serve as a primer to help your makeup last longer. Spritz it any time of the day to keep your skin feeling fresh, especially during hot summer days.

4. Blot, do not retouch.

Women with oily skin tend to retouch more often, resulting in a cakey face every time they put another layer of foundation. In order to keep you from looking such, opt to blot excess sebum with oil control film rather than putting more layers of your base. With just a few dabs of these sheets, you will achieve that fresh, oil-free, and cake-free makeup look.

5. Use a multi-tasking makeup product.

A product that can act as a lip color, blush, and eye make up could save you a lot of time. Consider a pencil that can outline your eyebrows and define your lips, or a small palette you can use as a bronzer, contour, and eyeshadow. As long as these products are pigmented and can be easily blended, they will help you complete your makeup look a lot faster. Plus, the single eye, cheek, and lip color could give your face a more natural flush.

6. Skip the brushes.

Preparing your makeup brushes and cleaning it before using would take so much time and could be a hassle when you are in a hurry. Skip the brushes and use your fingers instead for a well-blended makeup. Just make sure to clean your hands thoroughly to prevent bacteria from settling on your face.

7. Conceal, do not erase.

Lipstick and eye makeup smudges require time and effort to correct. It may even lead to a more stressful situation where you have to redo your makeup all over again because the smudges could spread even more. To hide the smudges, use your concealer instead to cover the smeared makeup for an effortless, foolproof look.

8. Dry your hair fast with a water absorbent towel.

It is best to style your hair when it's dry. While doing your makeup, wrap your hair in a water absorbent towel. Get one that is made with microfibers which dries up hair faster than cotton ones. You can also double the towel for a faster drying time. Follow it with blow drying, starting with the crown area and then down the sides. Now, you are ready for the ‘mane’ event!

9. Achieve the 'just woke up' wavy hair with braids and sea salt spray.

It's time to say goodbye to your traditional paper strip curler. If you're in a hurry but want stylish wavy hair, do a quick pigtail braid and tie both ends. Grab your sea salt spray and spritz it all over the braids. You can do your makeup while you leave it for a few minutes. Comb the untied braids with your hands for looser curls.

10. Bun it up.

You can never go wrong with a high hair bun. It will not only make you neat and clean, but it will also make you look sophisticated. Gather all your hair up, twist it in a circular motion, and seal it with a rubber band or bobby pins. If you prefer a messy updo, grab the bun and pull it a little to loosen some of your hair. Remember not to pull too hard as the bun might completely fall out. You can easily transform your look by untying your hair to get pretty loose curls.


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