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5 Beauty Fails and How to Overcome Them

By: Angelica Esmerna5 Beauty Fails and How to Overcome Them

You may have discovered a time or two that the world of beauty is not all unicorns and cupcakes. One day, you’d feel like luck is on your side (hello, glowing, chok chok skin) and then suddenly, the world is against you (nice to see you again, mismatched cat eyes). Don’t fret. Read on some of the most common beauty boo-boos and how you can keep away from them.

Beauty blunder #1: Ditching the sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for swimwear season or for girls – it is for everybody and for every day. Being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods can trigger the early onset of signs of aging and dark spots. Or worse, it may increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

The skin care products you are using may cause photosensitivity. When the sunlight reacts with your products, you could suffer from irritation or chemical burn. Ditching the sunscreen may also cause the inefficacy of your skin care routine. Thus, sunscreen (and reapplication of it throughout the day) is important to your health, whether or not you’re a beauty enthusiast.

Beauty blunder #2: Keeping your makeup on for too long

Despite your foundation carrying the ‘24-hour wear’ tag, you’re not actually supposed to wear your makeup for too long. Makeup can clog your pores and eventually cause irritation and acne. You might be attracting bacteria to grow on your skin.

Make it your next beauty goal to keep a pack of makeup remover wipes or a bottle of micellar water and some cotton rounds on your bedside table. This way, if you’ve had a really late night, just grab a wipe and take off your makeup even in bed.

Beauty blunder #3: Not listening to your skin

Treat your skin as your best friend. Study your skin type and know what works for you and what doesn’t. Skin care is, most of the time, a trial and error process. As you do, know when to draw the line and stop using a product altogether or when to reconsider changing your entire skin care routine.

Do research and blog hop. Don’t be easily swayed by hyped up products. Even in the beauty world, there is a placebo effect on items that seem to work for many people. Tread carefully and study your way into products, skin care, or cosmetics. Remember that the price tag does not always assure the efficacy of a product.

Beauty blunder #4: Doing swatches on your hands

Doing swatches on your hand is the easiest thing to do but it isn’t the most accurate. The color of the skin of your hands is different from the skin on your face, due to the difference in the amount of sun exposure.

The best way to go about it is to test your base makeup, like foundations, on your jaw area or the side of your face. If buying in a mall, walk around, go outside the store, and get a feel for the product. This way, you can fully see the color of the product as it dries down and then pick out your best shade match.

There are also apps and websites that are helpful if you have a foundation on hand that matches your skin tone well and you want to try base products from other brands.

Beauty blunder #5: Ignoring the signs (and dates) of expiration

I cry a little every time I toss my mascara in the trash after three months. But I slap myself awake and say, “You are saving your eyes.” It may seem pretty wasteful as I don’t fully empty my mascaras at the three-month mark, but the health risk that a bacteria-laden mascara might bring just scares me more.

Don’t ignore weird or funny smells that your makeup seem to have or the drastic change in consistency. If you can, do a monthly or quarterly check of your beauty items to see which ones need to be tossed and which ones can be kept. Print out a ‘makeup lifespan’ guide near your vanity so you’d always be reminded.

Don’t give up

I’ve probably failed more times than I can count when it comes to makeup and skin care. I’ve over plucked my brows and even welcomed breakouts from a toner that blew up the Internet but just didn’t work for me. Going into beauty is a long, learning process. But if you work your way well through it, the possibility of great skin and #onfleek makeup is well within reach.



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