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Two Tablets and Water

"Can you treat a hangover with OTC meds?"
By: Yolanda ArzagaTwo Tablets and Water

Drinking too much is a common folly among party-philes, and most of the time, this leads to a very unpleasant experience called a hangover. Can hangovers be treated with medicine? As hangovers were not born yesterday, there is a “traditional way” of curing it already: two aspirin tablets, a glass of water, sleep, and a multivitamin in the morning. It may work (but take note that some people may have an adverse reaction to aspirin).

How about pills which promise a hangover-free morning? Don’t bet on them because until now, members of the medical community are highly skeptical about their effectiveness.

In the end, time is really the only effective cure for it. And being a smart drinker, too. Consuming less than one drink per hour (not every hour for 24 hours, of course, but in a limited drinking spree), eating before or along with drinking plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages, and getting enough rest after drinking will minimize Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels and the unpleasant after effects. Finally—and this applies to any kind of party—drink moderately.

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