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Christmas Clothing

"Fashion Ideas for the Holiday Season"
By: Ericka PingolChristmas Clothing

When I was a kid my mom would make me try on numerous clothes to wear for my school Christmas Party. I remember being exhausted as we went through racks and racks of clothes at the Kids’ Section at the mall, until she found the perfect outfit I would wear to my school’s Christmas Party. Now that I am older, the thought of looking at every single piece of clothing hanging on the store racks seem intimidating and confusing. Nevertheless, I still get excited whenever I go holiday shopping as I get to treat myself and feel the Christmas spirit, too. It may be difficult task to find the perfect pamasko that one is looking for, but the key is knowing your own style and keeping an open mind while you rummage around every fashion shop there is.  

Casual Christmas

The -ber months make it tempting to wear an oversized, over worn shirt and snuggling all day in bed. After all this season is also the time most of us take a much awaited staycation. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t lounge in style. If you’re more into keeping it cozy and yet stylish during Christmas, why not throw in a cute Christmas-themed sweater and a perfectly fitting jeans while you’re at it? Boots would also look cute paired with a sweater, not to mention they’re comfortable to walk around in.

Leggings and cardigans are common outfit choices not only during the Christmas season but all-year round. Spice it up and go for comfy clothing options with a hint of the Holiday spirit in them. If you’re still hesitant about Christmas prints, go for fun printed socks. Rock them under your boots or sneakers without anyone knowing but you! It’ll be a fun Christmas moment just for you.

Now, if you still really want to lounge around your house during the Christmas break, might as well do it in Holiday style. Put on your best, most comfortable, softest robe and enjoy your staycation!

Hot on the holiday

Throughout the year, it is perfectly acceptable to rummage around the streets wearing pale-toned clothing paired with flats or sneakers. During the Holiday season, however, ‘tis the time to go jolly on your fashion statements.

The Holiday season is filled with parties here and there. You may be tempted to play it safe and just wear what you would wear on a regular day, but hold on just for one sec and give it a thought--- dressing up all glitzy and glamorous ain’t that bad during this season!

Pick your favorite Christmas theme for inspiration, look at the theme’s tones and go from there. The key to sparkling this season without looking like a disco ball is adding a few glitz and glamour here and there, making your total outfit shine among the numerous LDBs in the crowd without being overpowering.

For extra party dress slimming power, look to blackened silvers and golds rather than pale champagne or icy shades. If you don’t fancy full-on gold, silver or bronze, reach for brocade. Set against a black background, lavish gold brocade will look show-stopping for after dark. Work an all-white look using layers of contrasting fabrics and textures to create interest – try delicate, floaty cobwebs of chiffon topped off with a fuzzy fur or a marabou feather cover-up. If you prefer a stark silhouette, work a plain, structured dress with a strong shape. Make an impression on the dance floor with dramatic color that resembles precious jewels. Pick out your best color and amplify it with a shimmering jewel tone. For instance, if you adore green, choose rich emerald. Fan of red? Opt for ruby, Kent Online suggested.

New youfor the New Year

Try something new to spice up your outfit, the end of the holiday season marks the start of a New Year, and a new you! If you’ve been wanting to put on that dancing shoes you bought last year but was never sure if you could pull it off. Believe me, you can pull it off! The New Year also means new fashion trends. It’s a time to revamp your closet and update your outfit.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Western-inspired fashion and electric colors will be on trend during the first quarter of the New Year. 80s inspired outfits and deconstructed shirts will also be trending.  Keep this in mind if you’ve been meaning to get in the fashion loop and have the latest OOTD for your social media feed. These trends may be intimidating but you can pull it off! All you need is confidence and a sweet smile.

However, it’s also important to not get lost in the sea of countless of fashion trends that keep sprouting every year. Find your signature look—that one overall fashion statement that is uniquely you. If you have not found your signature look, perhaps the New Year will be the year you’ll find it. Fashion trends may come and go but that one signature look that defines you will stay and stand the test of the fast changing fashion time.

Whether you plan on spending your Christmas at home enjoying the comfort of your bed and the warmth of your home or at a party savoring the festivities of the season, dressing as comfortably and as confidently as you can has an impact on your whole Holiday experience. Nevertheless, always remember that whatever pamasko outfit you choose should reflect the real you!

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