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Kiss by the Rosehip

"Wonders of Rosehip Oil"
By: Claire Y ContrerasKiss by the Rosehip

Rose hip oil has many benefits, mainly for the face and skin. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that are essential for the skin.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids including omega-3, 6 and 9, are vital to skin health as our bodies are unable to produce them. These essential fatty acids help regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin tissues.
  • Natural source of Vitamins. Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A helps reduces acne and is effective in preventing premature aging caused by sun exposures (UV rays). Rosehip oil has high Vitamin C content which helps improve and restores skin tone or skin pigmentation, while vitamin E calms and hydrates dry and sensitive skin. Both vitamins C & E also helps protect the skin from sun exposure.
  • Natural source of antioxidants. As vitamin A, C and E are also antioxidants that help improve and protect our skin. Other powerful antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene help improve skin texture and protect the skin against premature aging.

What can Rosehip Oil do to your skin?

  • Anti-Aging properties.  Because the oil is full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, it helps nourish and hydrates skin cells by penetrating into deeper layers of the skin. Vitamin A and C antioxidants blocks free radicals from damaging our cells and helps stimulate collagen production which holds our skin elasticity and firmness. It also can reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and alleviates dry & sensitive skin.
  • Corrects and protects dark spots.  As antioxidants help fight free radicals from sun exposure (UV rays) that damages skin cells, vitamin C and essential fatty acids in rosehip oil help improve skin tone, pigmentation and skin texture by reducing melanin formation which can cause hyperpigmentation, freckles, marks and dark spots from UV rays.
  • Reduces acne and eczema scars.  The fatty acids in rosehip oil can help reduce acne scars and eczema by promoting skin regeneration. Essential fatty acids are emollients, which improves skin’s flexibility and permeability. It also helps skin repair from burns and scars from surgery and accidents.
  • Boosts immune system. Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system and body resistance against disease. Because rosehip oil has a high content of vitamin C, it helps boost the immune system and also aids in collagen production, which goes hand-in-hand with the body and skin to be healthy inside-out.
  • Helps lessen osteoporosis. Not only does rosehip aid in taking care of our skin, it helps our bones too. According to WebMD, most researchers show that patients with osteoporosis taking rosehip twice daily for 4 months reduce pain and stiffness, improving their body functions. The Arthritis Research UK reported that patients who were given rosehip had positive effects versus those who were not.
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and reinvigorates. A few drops of rosehip oil in water can also be a moisturizer during summertime to keep face and skin hydrated and moisturized. Rosehip oil can also be used as a nail nourishment for brittle nails and maintain nails healthy. It can also be used for dull, dry hair and for an itchy (dandruff) scalp.

Tips on how to use Rosehipoil:

 As mentioned, rosehip oil is delicate and should be kept in a refrigerator or a cool, dark location to prevent rancidity.  Rosehip oil is classified as a “dry” oil, thus it absorbs quickly into the skin without the heavy feeling on the skin.

Most beauty professionals recommend applying few drops of rosehip oil on damp skin after cleansing twice daily, morning and evening. Clinical studies have shown that most first time users noticed their skin texture improved after applying rosehip oil within 3-6 months. You can apply moisturizer over the rosehip oil for optimal results.

  • Rosehip oil can also be used in topical solutions like cream, lotion, spray, and homemade soaps.
  • You can also have a water bath with a few drops of rosehip oil to keep you relax and relieve from soreness.
  • Rosehip oil can prevent and reduce acne scars, but do not apply directly on active acne as it may cause inflammation if you are skin sensitive.
  • Rosehip can also be applied with makeup and it can also be a makeup remover. By adding rosehip oil in your beauty routine, this will surely make you look young and stay beautiful.

So if you need that extra “oomp!” for your beauty regimen, grab a bottle of rosehip oil and be amazed!


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