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Confidence in Hygiene

"Why Feminine Care is Important"
By: Ericka PingolConfidence in Hygiene

Being confident in one’s skin takes a lot of work, it’s not like what we see in the movies at all! Confidence, especially, confidence in your body is not just about the clothes you wear or how on point your make up is. Hygiene is one of the steps in having good health. Hygiene is a part of our everyday lives, however having a good hygiene is more than just perfectly healthy hair, glowing skin and shiny white teeth. For women, hygiene is more than just maintaining an overall clean appearance, intimate care is a must, too!

The Crimson Crime

Menstrual management is essential to make sure that your everyday life is not interrupted by the uncomfortable feeling of a heavy flow, or odor. It ensures you that you can go about your daily activities in school, office and any other area of your life, without worry. It also keeps you away from potential embarrassment, in turn, making you feel more confident in yourself and body.

Womens-Info.com listed the typical hygienic supplies women use during Aunt Flow’s visit:

  • Pads go by many names: maxi pads, sanitary napkins, napkins, menstrual pads, rags. They are made with an adhesive plastic back that sticks onto the crotch of your underwear. The over side of the pad (the side that sits against your body) is made up of absorbent wood cellulose fibers, similar to paper, and usually an additional top layer of perforated plastic that helps to keep you dry.
  • Cloth menstrual pads are usually made of cotton or flannel. Some brands have many layers of fabric to absorb the flow; others have fewer layers with a water-resistant lining next to your underwear. Some women choose to make their own. Cloth menstrual pads are not only useful for menstrual use; they can also be used for incontinence or to keep your underpants clean and dry between periods, during pregnancy, or even after sex. Cloth pads come in several sizes and absorbencies to suit the different uses and needs of the users.
  • Sea sponges are unlike other reusable menstrual products which could last up to around 7-10 years, sponges will last around 6 months apparently. So they are reusable, but not long term like a menstrual cup or cloth pads are. Any natural sea sponge (not your manufactured dish washing kind) can be used to absorb menstrual blood – you can purchased sponges that are specifically designed for this (cut the right size, and include instructions and storage pouch). Sea sponges can be found in the make-up department of any pharmacy but they will not come with instructions for menstrual use. You may find detailed instructions at commercial sites on the Internet. 
  • A menstrual cup is form of reusable menstrual protection. Menstrual cup is made of gum rubber. It is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluids. You place it in your vagina and fit it over your cervix to collect the blood. Once in place it forms a seal, preventing blood flowing out of the vagina by collecting it in its “cup” shaped reservoir. You can wear it for up to 12 hours before you empty, wash and put it back in. The cup will last up to ten years.
  • Tampons are worn internally, held in place by your vaginal muscles, and absorb your menstrual blood before it leaves your body. Contrary to what some women may think, tampons do not block the flow of your period blood. Once the tampon has reached its absorbency capacity, it is possible for you to experience a leak. Tampons themselves are usually made of cotton, some of which are completely organic (check the box), or a cotton/rayon blend. 

Choosing a menstrual management that fits your needs and lifestyle is important because your comfort is at stake here! Who wants to go about her day worrying about leakage and odor, anyways? To avoid such discomfort, it is recommended to use a feminine wash to keep the ideal 3.5 pH level balanced of the vaginal area. A feminine wash containing lactic acid that helps in preventing irritation to the vaginal walls keeping you fresh all throughout the day. Merely using soap and water to maintain intimate hygiene is not the most ideal as these agents can further irritate such a sensitive area. Always remember that being comfortable with your body and your feminine hygiene is important in being confident with a beauty!

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