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Where to Go Besides the Beach

"Alternatives for Summer Vacations"
By: Raissa Claire R. FalguiWhere to Go Besides the Beach

With the arrival of summer, the minds of many start turning to thoughts of spending time at the beach. But for various reasons, we can’t all make it to the shores every summer. Some may be concerned about the unhealthy effects of the sun, which is magnified on beaches due to the reflective effects of water and sand. Others may just have problems coordinating a trip out of town given the distance and travel time. But there are plenty of other ways to have a fun summer. Consider some of these alternatives to beach holidays when planning what to do for your summer vacation.

Get Wet Elsewhere

If you have kids, water parks with slides and fun features such as fountains and rides are the way to go. You can get waves without the ocean in certain resorts with wave pools. There are lakes where you can windsurf, waterski, jetski, paddleboat, row, or just plain swim. You can even scuba-dive in some lakes. There are water skate parks if you want to try this scaled-down version of water-skiing. Hot mineral water has therapeutic benefits, and you can always cool off in a regular pool or with a shower afterward.

  • Rather stay in a lower altitude? - Consider making a visit to waterfalls instead. There is no cooler and more scenic way to take a shower. And for the daring, it might be fun to shoot the rapids.
  • See What it’s Like Under the Sea - Maybe you can’t leave the urban jungle at all for your vacation. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sight of varied corals and sea creatures. You just need to go to an aquarium. Without having to snorkel or scuba dive, an aquarium can reveal the beauty of the ocean and offer an education on various marine species and how to help protect them. In an aquarium, you won’t end up invading that territory of marine wildlife and possibly further polluting it. 
  • Watch Wildlife - There are those who might still take issue with the artificial, however well-simulated, setting of an aquarium. However, there are many other places where one can see live animals in their natural habitat. For instance, there are crocodile farms and bird sanctuaries. To avoid the hot sun entirely during your animal sighting experience, try a night safari.
  • Have Fun at a Farm - Many farms, especially those where non-native species are cultivated, are located in cool areas. In some you can pick produce, pet animals or ride horses. They might even prepare what you harvested or caught for you. It is relaxing and a great way to get close to nature, which has proven health benefits.
  • Cool off with Caving - Our country abounds with fascinating caves to explore on foot or by boat. In these caves you can see many intricate geological formations. Some also have intriguing Stone Age markings.
  • Chill with Culture and Art - Baguio is known for its museums, with plenty of shopping, good food, and cultural events to boot, but it can get crowded at this time of the year due to its popularity. Tagaytay offers not just beautiful scenery but the must-see Orlina Museum now. These sophisticated cities offer plenty of good dining as well. There are also more rustic options. The Taal area is known for its beautiful, well-preserved ancestral homes. Antipolo has plenty of galleries and a petroglyph cave. Quezon and Laguna are both cool, rustic provinces that are known for their delightful handicrafts.

The Final Selection

Once you and your companions have decided what type of vacation you’d like to go on, you can start making your travel arrangements. Looking for deals online is often helpful, but make sure to read the fine print before you purchase a deal. It’s always a good idea to do your research and check the ratings of potential places before you finalize your choice. Then set a date, work out what you need for your trip, and go enjoy your vacation. Even if you don’t set foot near the sea, life can still be a beach for you this summer!
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