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In Case of Hangover

"How to alleviate the pain"
By: Yolanda ArzagaIn Case of Hangover

First of all, you may have an upset stomach. That means, you can’t eat or even drink water. Take a probiotic supplement. This helps settle the stomach and helps the body replenish the healthy bacteria that the alcohol may have destroyed while protecting against free-radical induced cellular damage.

If you don’t like probiotic supplements, try the time-honored cure for nausea and stomach upset—ginger tea. Take it hot and with some sugar, which helps settle the stomach, too. Drink as much as needed but do not drink excessively.

Drink fruit juice because it’s high in nutrients to replenish the ones depleted by alcohol’s diuretic effect. Fruit juices also have fructose (fruit sugar) which is a natural energy booster.  Fructose also increases the rate at which the body gets rid of toxins such as those left over from alcohol metabolism. Avoid high-fructose corn syrup, though. You want your fructose coming from fruits.

Since you probably won’t have an appetite for anything, try this combination of comfort food: eggs, bacon, pancake, and banana!

Eggs are good because they have lots of amino acids, which help the liver detoxify, and contain big amounts of cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, a highly toxic alcohol by-product. Added to that, eggs can potentially help mop up the left-over toxins. Bacon is also high in amino acids. Pancakes, on the other hand, have carbohydrates that help maintain a steady level of sugar in your bloodstream. Your body needs this because your blood sugar level drops as your liver detoxifies. Top off your breakfast with a banana because it helps replace the potassium and electrolytes lost in the process of detoxifying and frequent urination caused by the alcohol.

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