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Ways to Wake Up in a Better Mood

"Don’t be a morning grumpy cat, cheer up!"
By: Ericka PingolWays to Wake Up in a Better Mood

So, you’re feeling grumpy when you woke up this morning? Don’t worry, I feel you! On one or more mornings, I’ve woken up already dreading the day ahead. As much as we want to start our all of our days with a fresh and positive perspective, sometimes there will be mornings when our bodies yearn for more sleeping time, longing for the comfort that is our bed. But as much as we want to give in and call-in sick for work, just so we can lay in bed looking at the ceiling, we try our hardest to get through the day – even only so we can go back to bed later on. Be it you’re a morning person or not, waking up in a better mood is never out of reach! There are a number of ways you can wake up feeling positive and  ready to take on the day, here are some of them:

  • Go to bed early. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults between the ages of 18 and 64 years old should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Not only that, it’s also important that you get good sleep! Avoid overstimulation through TV and electronic gadgets in the hours leading up to bedtime and limit your caffeine intake in the evenings.
  • Turn your electronics off before you go to bed. The National Sleep Foundation also states that light and the absence of light are essential indicators to our brains of when we should be asleep and when we should be awake. Keep your electronic gadgets away from you at least an hour before bedtime and try to relax by reading a book instead. You’ll have a better sleep and will definitely wake up more positive.
  • Wake up earlier. Set your alarm 45 minutes to an hour earlier than usual, and go out for a morning jog or exercise at home. Loosen up your muscles or have a healthy and unhurried breakfast before showering. Prepare for work or school if you did not have the time the night before.
  • Do not rush. How many rushes every morning to get the kids ready for school and to get yourselves ready for work? Rushing can become an unnerving situation. Instead of going into panic mode and hurrying to organize everything before heading out the door, a lot a few minutes to organize your things and your thoughts before going about your day.
  • Think positive. Many wake up in the morning sleepy, annoyed and unsure on how the day will pan out. Instead of waking up with a lack of excitement for a fresh new start to the day, set your mind to think positive. Positivity will help you get through the day even during the tough moments. Avoid allowing the negative situations take control of your entire day — and of your positivity.
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