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When Hair Starts Turning Gray

"Hair coloration and aging"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaWhen Hair Starts Turning Gray

One of the first signs of aging that is easily noticeable is graying hair. Understanding what gives color to hair helps in explaining what causes graying. Hair color comes from melanin, a pigment produced in the follicles of your hair which makes it dark in color. The more melanin you have, the darker your hair color is. 

If you used to have jet black hair and you suddenly see gray ones coming out, that means your follicles are beginning to produce less melanin.

Gray hair can start appearing in one’s 30s, although for some it can be earlier and (lucky) others have it later—well into their 60s or 70s. For those of you who think you can prevent your hair from changing its natural color by taking vitamins or going on a special diet: sorry, but you can’t stop genetics from taking its normal course. Graying tends to occur earlier in Caucasian races than in Asians.

Graying usually begins at the hair on the temple, followed by the hairline of the forehead and later on extends to the top of the head. From black, it turns dark gray, then lighter and lighter until it turns to white. Later on, it is also normal for other facial hair to turn gray, such as hair in the mustache, beard and eyebrow areas. It is also likely that hair in the chest, armpit, and pubic area stays dark longer than the rest of your body hair.

How to feel beautiful amidst these changes? Try getting a new hairstyle. Or cover graying hair with hair color, which can make you look like a new person. Consult a good hairstylist to know which color is best for your skin tone.

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