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Make-up Mistakes Women Make

"No one wants to look like an overly done clown!"
By: Raissa Claire R. FalguiMake-up Mistakes Women Make

Women apply make-up to make themselves look better. At least that’s the usual intention, but often, through some failure of product choice or application technique, the opposite can happen. In most situations, people aren’t aware of the mistakes they make when applying make-up. So, for your guidance, here are some common errors in applying make-up and tips on how to remedy them.

Poor Foundation

Foundation may be too heavy, giving you a mask-like appearance. People apply foundation thickly with the mistaken notion it will conceal wrinkles and fine lines, but in fact, as the excess settles into creases, it just calls more attention to them. Your foundation may also be the wrong shade. It should match your skin tone as closely as possible, and you need to observe if you need to switch shades due to a change in skin color.

Rx: A liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer is more preferable than a powdered type, which can be drying to the skin. It’s best to go for light, sheer products. “The more skin you can see, the better,” asserts make-up artist Sandy Linter in a Female Network article. Take the time to match your foundation as closely as possible to your skin tone. Don’t just buy a shade because it’s what you’ve always bought. Spagnolo of Cebu Make-up Artists offers these tips: Check if your foundation looks right by taking a photo of yourself with a flash and observing if your foundation blends well with your face and neck. Blending different shades is an option if you cannot find the perfect formula to match your complexion.

Unnatural Appearance

Make-up should be applied to look natural. If you have obviously too much make-up, round spots of blush on your cheeks, or caking foundation and concealer, then your make-up does not enhance your looks but calls attention to the fact you have make-up on. As Spagnolo says, “…when make-up is done right, you don’t need much. Make-up should serve to enhance your natural features while hiding imperfections here and there.”

Rx: Unless you need to be heavily made up for a video or a stage appearance, keep it light and natural. Focus on subtly emphasizing your contrasting features: brows, eyes, and lips. A recent Gettysburg University study showed that doing this made observers rate the made-up person’s appearance as being more youthful. This brings us to the following errors…

Brow Bloopers

Eyebrows drawn in too dark definitely look unnatural, standing out too much, notes Patricia Dayacap in Female Network.  This is especially true with older women as brows naturally tend to fade in color with age.

Rx: Don’t draw your brows in stark lines that contrast too much. Instead, emphasize your eyebrows by using a color just a shade or two lighter than your natural color.

Eye Make-up Errors

Steer clear of dark and heavy eye make-up. Especially avoid stark black liner and don’t darken your lower lash line with mascara and eyeliner as this will just emphasize dark circles and fine lines, Dayacap explains.

Rx: Avoid black eyeliner. Use dark brown or gray instead. Pencil is preferable to liquid liner, which tends to look too heavy, Macmillan advises in a Health.com article.

Clownish Cheeks

Overly bright blush on the apples of your cheeks calls too much attention. Cheek color should brighten your face while still looking natural.

Rx: Brush a subtle shade of blush upward slightly above your cheekbones.

Slips with the Lips

Perhaps the main trick with lips is choosing just the right color. Lip liner that does not match your natural color will leave you with a tell-tale outline around your mouth when your lip color rubs off, notes Dayacap. And choosing overly dark shades is again a common mistake. This can make your lips look less full and consequently has an aging effect.

Rx: Forego dark lipstick shades like crimson and plum. It is better to choose lighter, brighter shades of lip color that suit your complexion. And you may want to try lip gloss instead of lipstick, or use it with lipstick to enhance the appearance of your lips. You can make your lips look fuller with a touch of lip gloss in the center, suggests Spagnolo.

Powder Pitfalls

Dayacap observes that Filipinas tend to worry about too much oil and end up overapplying powder to cover it up. But powdering your face all over can have an aging effect, as Linter says it "exaggerates wrinkles and can make skin look too dry.”

Rx: Apply powder on nose and chin only. For oil elsewhere on your face, blot the excess with oil-blotting papers and embrace the youthful glow it gives your skin.

Have you made any of these mistakes? You might be mortified, but don’t feel too bad. Even professional make-up artists, as Spagnolo has noted, make these errors from time to time. The important thing is that now you are aware of these common make-up mistakes, you should be able to take a good objective look at yourself and see where you might need to improve.  

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