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Dressing for Your Shape

"Find out the magical pieces!"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaDressing for Your Shape

Although every person’s body is unique, our body shape can fall into five general categories: the apple, the pear, the wedge, the hourglass, and the rectangle. Some people may fall into one category or may fit in to two or more, but try to consider which shape you are closest to. You’ll need to spend time in front of a mirror or ask a trusted family member like your spouse to do an honest assessment of your body shape.

Once you’ve determined your shape, have fun with these customized fashion tips:

The Apple

If you have an apple shape, that means you’re a bit heavy around the midsection. You need to wear clothes that create lines that counteract the roundness of your waist to make it look smaller. You want to put on something that can elongate that torso and show off your legs.

The magical pieces:

· Belts that hug the smallest part of your waist

· V-necks or scoop-necks

· Wrap tops that give the illusion of a slimmer waist

· Corset-style structured blouses

· To draw the eye down the tummy, choose designs with pleats or gathering under the bust

· Empire cut styles that are not too voluminous

· Straight-leg bottoms that give your lower body a sense of proportion with the upper half

· High-waist pants that offer a girdle-like effect to hold your stomach in

· Short skirts that draw the eyes to your legs

· Solid colored articles that generally makes you look slimmer

The Pear

Pear shape means you’re bottom heavy. Your hips look wider than your shoulders. Ladies who have a pear-shaped body must wear clothes that minimize their lower half and draw the eyes to their upper body.

The magical pieces:

· Light colored tops with dark bottoms

· Boat, square or cowl neckline tops

· Strapless or spaghetti strap tops that show off the arms

· Belts worn below your waistline, overa tunic or loose top

· Jackets that stop right above your waist

· Bottoms made from form-fittingmaterial like stretch fabric

· Pants with seams that run down in front of the leg making it look leaner

· Pants that do not have pockets for that slimmer silhouette

· Slightly A-line and flute skirts

· Bottoms with thicker, lowerwaist bands

· Pointy-toed foot wear that elongate the legs

The Wedge

Popularly known as the “inverted triangle”, having a wedge-typed body shape means you have broad shoulders and a wider upper body in proportion to slim waist and narrow hips. Because of this, you should be wearing tops that “soften” your shoulders and upper body while drawing attention downward and accentuating the lower body.

The magical pieces:

· Full skirts

· Bold and bright-colored bottoms

· Pants or slacks with wide legs

· Tops that direct the eyes to your waistline.

· high-waist pants or skirts

· In general, clothes that balance your upper body and emphasize the waist

The Hourglass

Lucky you! If you have an hourglass body, it means you’re curvy in the right places – the bust line and hips – and have a slim waist. You’ll want to wear clothes that showcase your figure and highlight your sexy silhouette.

The magical pieces:

· Simple, solid shapes that will highlight your waist.

· Thick belts

· high-waist skirts that show off the hips

· body hugging pencil skirts

· a little volume around the shoulder to make the waist appear even smaller
Wrap tops and dresses

· scooped andboat neck necklines

· skinny or straight log jeans

The Rectangle

Quite the opposite of the hourglass. If your silhouette is pretty much a straight line from top to bottom, then this is your body shape. Many of those who have a rectangle shape have a slender, athletic body.

What you want to do is create more curves with your clothes and show off your best assets – your legs and arms.

The magical pieces:

· Sleeveless tops

· Sweetheart and scoopneck tops

· Long jackets

· High-waist skirts that start from the slimmest part of your waist

· Tops with ruffles, rouching, collars and other details that flatter the chest

· Layered clothes that add dimension

· Dresses with cinches and rouching on the sides

· Colorful bottoms

The secret to dressing well is proportion. Always accentuate your smallest or slimmest part – may it be your waist, your arms, your legs, etc. It is also equally important to balance your look – match a loose top with a tight-fitted bottom like a miniskirt or skinny jeans, and vice versa – wear loose jeans with a tight-fitted blouse or shirt.

If you’re still unsure, experiment! The best way to know what looks good on you is to start applying the tips above and show off your chosen ensembles to people closest to you. Checkout fashion magazines for the latest and hottest pieces that you think you’ll look good at.

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