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Amy Perez Beyond 40

"Her Best Years Yet"
By: Ivan Olegario, MD, MDevComAmy Perez Beyond 40

Much has been said about the big 4-0. For the majority, it is a major life milestone: for some, good; for others, bad. For some, it is “the new 30”. But for many, “it’s all downhill from here.”

The challenges we face in our 40s is both psychological and physical. The psychological challenges come in the form of a midlife crisis (where there is a sobering realization that we do not have as much time to achieve our idealized goals in life), and the conflicts that arise as we confront our mortality and search for fulfillment. The physical challenges come in a wide variety, but is summed up as our body parts not performing as well as they did before.

            While the 40s may cast a shadow on most people, it seemed to give a ray of sunshine on Ms. Amy Perez. This accomplished TV, movie, and radio personality has been stronger than ever, both in career and body, as she journeyed through her 40s. Some people might argue that her 40s are her best years yet! The Singing Bee, a popular game show where she is hosted the local edition together with Roderick Paulate, has just successfully ran its 7th local season.

More importantly, the 40s showered her with love, and she married Mr. Carlo Castillo last November 2014. Their wedding was held at the Mango Farm in Antipolo, with a very apt theme of "The Journey Continues". Photos of their lovely wedding can be found in her Twitter account, @amypcastillo.

As successful as she is in love and career, she has also been able to maintain that youthful vibrance and health. According to Ms. Perez, she was able to achieve these by deciding to make major lifestyle changes that she knows are healthier. “Now, I make sure that I eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.” “I also sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day,” she added, “and if I have spare time in the afternoon, I try to take a nap.”

“I drink lots of water,” she emphasized. “When I wake up early in the morning, I make sure that I get to drink a glass of [lukewarm] water.”

“I also exercise,” she pointed out. “I do a 4-minute workout if have the time. I also do 15 minutes on the stationary bike while watching TV.” This is quite impressive, since exercise is one of the first things to go when we are faced with a busy schedule or major changes in life. But she made very smart exercise decisions that would not disrupt her day.

She mentioned that what really prompted her to change her lifestyle was her age. “I finally realized that it's never too late to start being healthy—to eat the right foods, like more vegetables and fruits,” she explained.

How about any beauty secrets? “After I wash my hands in the morningand towel dry, I then gently massage my face, going upward.”

Watching what she eats           

It’s not that the 40s transition was a bed of roses for Ms. Perez. “I’m always on the go,” Ms. Perez explains. Like all of us, sometimes she does not feel 100 percent. “When I'm busy with work, and when I eat too much meat or chicken, medyo, I feel bloated and heavy.” For her, meeting fiber requirements is important. “It [fiber] helps me with having a good digestion. I feel light, especially whenever I can take out all the bad cholesterol I have in my body [with fiber]! I feel light and not bloated, and I get to move more regularly.

It also helps her cope with daily challenges: “I feel young, fresh, and most especially light. And I also get good and healthy skin.” She noted that if she does not meet her daily fiber requirements, “there's a feeling of heaviness, and I move more slowly.”

She recalled, “Because of my busy schedule, sometimes, I forget to eat vegetables and fruits. In these occasions, I take fiber supplements, which help me a lot to get the fiber that my body needs.”

A successful yet busy career, and major life events such as marriage: these can be stressful and can take its toll on the body, especially in your 40s. But for Amy Perez, taking care of her body with clean eating, a high-fiber diet, lots of rest, and staying hydrated, helps her not just cope, but even thrive in this decade. She is living proof that age is but a number, and that you can defy the hands of time and live your best years at any age!

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