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Microbe-proof Home

"Make your home germ-free, worry-free"
By: Nikki Sarmiento GuevarraMicrobe-proof Home

Let’s face it. We can’t totally get rid of germs. Disease-causing microorganisms are present even before human does; and they are everywhere—whether they are good or bad bacteria, they encompass more than the human population. They love to thrive in moist and dark environment wherein they set as perfect medium for their growth.

The germiest places in the house are the hot spots everyone touches like door knobs, telephone handles, and other appliances like remote control and the likes wherein it is very easy for the microbes to pass through from one family member to another, which may cause a groupie-type of disease.

So, the question is how can we manage it? Choosing the proper disinfectant for your home is the first step to avoid infections caused by these tiny guys. Disinfection is the term used to eradicate or inhibit the growth of microorganisms on an inanimate object, whether by killing or inactivatingthem. Bacteria areeliminated during the evaporation process of the disinfectant, so doing a second pass of disinfection is advisable; and the more microbes are present, the more time the germicide needs to destroy them.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, considering the length of the disinfection time, the potency of the germicide is also important.

You can also considersome factors in looking for the disinfectant of choice such as its toxicity or if it causes hypersensitivity reactions. Chemically, and depending on the concentration, most disinfectants are corrosive; so take in consideration of the proper usage and storage. Is it economical to use? Or how about environmental concerns; would it pose a threat to the ecology when disposed?

Commonly used surface disinfectants:

High concentration alcohol-based - contact time of 10 minutes.

Chlorine-based- contact time of 2 minutes.

Phenol-based - contact time of 10 minutes.

Quaternary amine/low-concentration alcohol-based – contact time of 10 minutes

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