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Summer Sun Skin Care

"Don't forget to give your skin some lovin' for the summer!"
By: Inah LantinSummer Sun Skin Care

Summertime is just short of knocking at your doorstep and inviting you to the beach for some fun times with family and friends. The best summer sun skin care starts with formulating a plan on how to protect your skin on a day-to-day basis as well as in special situations.


Stay hydrated. Natural products like coconut water, fresh fruit juices, or even just a cold glass of water is all you need to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Blot. More often if you have particularly oily skin. Blotting papers or oil films are readily available and super affordable at your local supermarket or convenience store.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for clear, healthy skin. Increasing this vitamin in both the foods that you eat and in the products you apply to your skin significantly improve your skin’s health to look how you want to feel.

Stay in the shade. Limit your time in direct sunlight to at most 15 minutes per day, particularly between the hours of 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.


As an extra precaution, this measure of skin care guards against the formation of wrinkles, the loss of collagen, and the development of uneven skin tones.

Sunblock or sunscreen. The kind that provides the ideal amount of protection during the summer should have a SPF rating of at least 30. People who live in conditions that make them predisposed to sunlight should consider investing in a UVA/UVB-blocking SPF 60 sunscreen.

Petroleum jelly. Should you wish to go for a swim, it can be used to keep you warm in water so you can swim longer. If you have a more active lifestyle, it also reduces friction between skin and clothing during various sport activities.

Aloe Vera, in itself, doesn’t provide sun protection, but cures the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Moisturizer. Walking your dog, driving to work, or sitting by a window are all examples of a type of sun exposure. Choose a water-based moisturizer with an SPF rating of 15 or higher.


There is always the natural alternative or partner in the mission to protect and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Eat red and orange foods, like tomatoes and orange peppers, which contain the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene, respectively.

Drink a glass of red wine. This stimulates the development of new cells in the skin’s outer layers. Red wine, particularly organic red wine, is packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol, and tannin which are very good for the skin.

Chamomile tea is found to be very effective in soothing skin irritation and sunburns. If consumed on a regular basis, chamomile tea nourishes and moisturizes your skin from deep within.

Whichever method you choose to go with, it’s important to remember that each of us may have different skin conditions: normal, dry, oily, or combination. To find the best skin care routine for you, it is advisable to first consult with your dermatologist.

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