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10 tips to relieve back pain

By: Inah Lantin10 tips to relieve back pain

Nearly 80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lifetime. For many, it can be triggered by a strenuous activity, like gardening or weight lifting. Whether you’re amidst fighting the ache or just want to prevent it, here are10 ways to help you alleviate back pain:

  1. Vitamin K. It can be found in broccoli, spinach, and other dark leafy greens.These help calcium deposit in the bones, making them denser. The stronger your bones, the stronger your whole body and the lower your chances of back pain.
  2. Lighten your load. If your purse or briefcase tips the scales at more than 10% of your weight, it’s too heavy. Plus you need to carry it right: on both shoulders for backpacks, across your chest for long straps.
  3. Sleep right.A recent study found that people who slept on softer beds reported less lower-back pain than those who snoozed on harder ones. Your pillow shouldn’t raise your head out of alignment with your spine.
  4. Apply ice and heat. Heating pads and cold packs can comfort tender torsos. Most doctors recommend using ice for the first 48 hours after an injury because it reduces inflammation – particularly if there is swelling — and then switching to heat. Whichever you use, take it off after about 20 minutes to give your skin a rest. If pain persists, consult a doctor.
  5. Good posture. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can be harsh on your back. Make sure to sit with your back against your chair and both feet flat on the floor.
  6. Keep moving.Spines, like the rest of the body, are meant to move. Exercise in moderation.
  7. Stretch. Don't sit slumped in your desk chair all day. Get up every 20 minutes or so and stretch the other way. Some people find relief from their back pain by doing a regular stretching routine, like yoga.
  8. Ask for a massage. Gently massaging a sore or tense muscle is one of the most effective ways to loosen it up and relieve pain. For added benefit, use some medicated ointment to double your pain-relief.
  9. Kick the habit.Smoking can increase your risk for osteoporosis of the spine (which wouldin turn lead to compression fractures of the spine) and other bone problems.
  10. Try an over-the-counter pain reliever.There are many OTCmedicines made to help reduce/manage back pain such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium,and acetaminophen. If you’re taking pain medication regularly for your back pain, you should talk to your doctor about any interactions OTC pain relievers may have with other medications you are taking. People with a history of certain medical conditions should avoid some medicines.
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