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Changing Doctors

"There are many serious reasons why a patient or his/her family would want to change doctors."
By: Jose Maria M. Villarama IIChanging Doctors

The first consideration in getting a doctor, or deciding to change one, is the doctor’s ability to establish rapport with the patient. There are serious reasons to make the patient or his/her family decide to change a doctor.  Some of these reasons include:

The treatment is not working.If one has been under the care of a physician for the longest time and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in the complaint or illness, then it may be wise to find another doctor who can do so.

The doctor is always out and it is his associates or fellows who see patients most of the time.While it is admirable that a doctor may be attending conventions here and there to update his skill, the doctor-patient relationship is primarily founded on trust

The doctor is always rushing.  Doctors are busy and are always on call but they should listen to their patients’ complaints, no matter how trivial or petty they are.

The physician gets upset or angry when the patient questions his/her diagnosis or decision.More than being reassured, the patient would obviously want to dig deeper into the situation.

The physician makes a wrong or harmful decision.  A colleague recently narrated how a doctor in a large hospitalsent her husband home even when she felt that her husband was exhibiting signs of dengue infection.The couple reluctantly went home. But the next day, the husband became too weak to function.  True enough, doctors in another hospital admitted him for dengue, which luckily was still in its manageable stage.

The physician refuses to collaborate with other doctors.If the patient or his family is the one who suggests or demands that another specialist be called into the picture, then it may be reason to suspect that the primary physician may not actually know how to address the problem holistically.

The physician is overcharging or undercharging patients.Overcharging is self-explanatory and may be one of the main reasons why Filipinos change doctors in the first place.Undercharging, on the other hand, may be anomalous.

Choosing a doctor is hereditary or can be done through word-of-mouth.  However, patient care providers are the best people to ask when it comes to which doctors to pick. Professional turnover of medical records from doctor to doctor should be ensured to give the new doctor a comprehensive picture of the patient’s medical history.

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