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Truly Celebrating Christmas with our Kids: Part 1

"It’s not just about the presents!"
By: Megg Murff TrinidadTruly Celebrating Christmas with our Kids: Part 1

It’s Christmas season once again, and we parents are rushing around, attending parties and buying presents for our kids and our friends. It is so easy to get lost in the shopping and spending frenzy…we end up forgetting the real point of this happy season!

What’s more—our kids see us and get the message that Christmas is about buying things and receiving presents.

How do we bring back the true meaning of Christmas and help our kids understand it?

Christmas is about Being Thankful

· Christmas is not only about giving and receiving gifts. It’s about thanking the people we love and who take care of us. We have to be deliberate in reminding our kids to say “Thank you!” and to make cards for the gifts they receive.

· Christmas is about helping our kids realize the blessings they’ve received throughout the year. We can help our kids make lists of the blessings that they’re thankful for. We can post these lists afterwards near the belen.

· More importantly, we can talk to our kids about looking at how their different challenges (or “kiddie problems”) throughout the year are actually blessings or opportunities to be better. We can teach our kids “to look at the brighter side of things”. Together with your kids, you may make a separate list of challenges that have turned into something positive during the year. This is a good opportunity for us adults as well to reflect on the months that have passed.

Christmas is about Family

· Let’s not get lost in office parties and late nights out! Our kids are observing and learning from our example. Christmas is about being with our kids and other loved ones. Way ahead of the Christmas week, we can sit down and plan with our kids when we plan to visit Lolos and Lolas. We can also block off specific dates on our calendars where we can spend quality time as a family—be it at home or somewhere else!

· Let the kids plan family bonding activities!!! Sit down with them and help them look online for fun activities. Some examples are: making hot chocolate from scratch, having a movie night with popcorn at home, playing board games, going to a kiddie museum, or even just simply walking around the park. Let the Christmas be about celebrating family!

May this year’s Christmas season be different and more meaningful! Document your Christmas celebrations and activities, and spread the real meaning of Christmas to other families. 

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