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Eliminate Holiday Flabs: Part 2

"More exercises for a jollier you!"
By: Nikki Sarmiento GuevarraEliminate Holiday Flabs: Part 2

Not all exercises have to be done at a gym. Especially during the holiday season! After all, all you want to do is eat, drink, relax and spend some time with the family. However, gaining pounds will always be just around the corner, so set aside some time during the day and do these light workouts and exercises to keep those pounds at bay!

1.   Modified push-ups

Get down and face the mattress with knees together, hands flat on the floor with arms-distance and elbows bent. Lift your feet and move hands at a small degree wider than your chest. Head, neck, back and buttocks should be in alignment. Slowly raise your arms while keeping your abs tight. Then, bend elbows and lower your chest toward the mattress. Do up to 10 to 12 repetitions.

2.  Standing Hip Extension

Stand at the back of the chair with your feet hip-distance apart holding the back of the chair for balance. Extend your left leg behind, flexing your foot, toes out on a slight degree and raise your leg for a moment.  Slowly lower your leg down and touch the floor with your toes, then repeat. Do 12 up to 15 repetitions, then switch.

3.  Step-ups

On a stair or a sturdy platform, place your right foot and step up following with your left leg. Step down with left leg extending about 12 inches; follow with right. Do 10 to 12 times, keeping chest lifted. Switch sides and repeat. If you are already pro with this, you can try this exercise with light weights.

4.  Jogging

Isn’t the fine, cold weather perfect for morning jogging? Set your sweatpants and rubber shoes out and hit the road! Making a couple of rounds around your village will burn calories from the food and drinks you consumed on your night-outs and Christmas parties (as long as you are not dealing with hang-overs).

5.   Engage in a 10-minute light workout a day

Allot a 10-minute routine three times a week (one each day). You can do this while waiting for the meal to be cooked or while watching your favorite noontime show.

Making yourselves busy during holidays is the key to maintaining a good physique. Remember that after the happy-happy moments of overeating and drinking, you should do efforts to remove the “excess weight”.  Remember that consuming the right kind of food during holiday season can go a long way, making you guilt-free from eating as much.


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