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Don't Sit it out

"A wake-up call on sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits that can lead to obesity."
By: Nicole BautistaDon't Sit it out

“Wow, ang sarap naman! Pampabata ‘yan!

Often cracked in reference to fatty or unhealthy food such as lechon kawali, chicharon, dinuguan, and sisig, the comment above is a running joke that bluntly points out how unhealthy meals prevent aging… by making you die young!

True enough, there are certain foods that are so “bad” they shouldn’t be eaten, but they taste so good that people can’t seem to stay away. Why were they invented in the first place?

An MS Nutrition graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and a consultant for health and wellness, Dr. Geraldine Ortiz clarifies that a lot of the fatty and sugary foods that must be minimized in intake are actually created at a time when people earned the right to eat them. Back then, men farmed the lands, women made do without a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine, and kids actually played outdoors. But now, “we’re sedentary,” says Dr. Ortiz, adding that what was good for people before “is not anymore as good to eat!”

A sedentary lifestyle paired with constant (unhealthy) food indulgence is certainly the recipe for successful anti-aging. It’s not the type of anti-aging most people have in mind, though. The unfortunate thing nowadays is that, even when people joke about it, they don’t do anything about diet and exercise. And in the worst cases, a heart attack serves as a wakeup call (that is, if it doesn’t kill you). 

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