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The curse of the Odorous Foot

"Bromodosis risk factors"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaThe curse of the Odorous Foot

You’re dating this cute guy. As usual, he treats you to the hottest restaurant in town and buys you tickets to the best cinema seats. He engages you in the most interesting conversation for hours, and ends the night romantically with a lovely bouquet of roses before taking you home.

Then, just when he gets really cozy with you, he takes off his shoes to relax while driving. All of a sudden, you smell this sharp pungent odor that makes you think a rat died several days ago in his car. You trace the scent for a few minutes and then… O-M-G! What a turn off! Your suitor has smelly feet!

Nobody wants to be caught with stinking feet—medically called bromodosis. If you’re living in a tropical country like the Philippines and you’re one of those required to wear closed shoes to school or office, however, most likely you have already encountered this “curse.”

You are also more prone to this embarrassing problem if:

· you’re a teenager

· you’re pregnant

· you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress lately

· your work requires you to stand for long hours

· you’re on medication

· you have hyperhidrosis, a medical condition in which you sweat profusely

If you ask me, that’s a huge chunk of the population! Stinky feet are so common that you either had it at least once in your life, or know someone who did. Because of this, it pays to be aware of how it occurs and what to do to prevent it. 
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