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The Diet Dynamic

"Fat and diet"
By: Jose Maria M. Villarama IIThe Diet Dynamic

Whether one likes it or not, diet very much plays a key role in the development of fat in specific regions of the body. For ages, women have been puzzled by their seemingly apparent ability to store fat more efficiently than men, despite eating fewer calories. Although men generally consume more calories (and alcohol) than women, men usually have higher muscle mass and engage in more physical activity than women, thus burning off more calories or fat. 

When almost everyone finds an excuse to cheat on one’s diet or to relax and lounge around, one must still be mindful of what he eats and how to keep the pounds at bay. To optimize fat metabolism, both men and women need to remember the following:

1. Mind the calories. Without sacrificing proper nutrient absorption, both men and women should keep within their specific daily caloric intake, depending on age and existing medical condition, or as advised by doctors or physical trainers.

2. Continue to include aerobic exercise in your daily routine. If you cannot hit the gym or jog like you used to, looking for simple ways to engage in physical activity may help keep the pounds away. Taking the stairs instead of escalators in malls, parking away from mall entrances, and walking with family and friends at theme parks or shopping centers are only some of the ways to incorporate exercise in ordinary ways.

To be sure, an apple can never be a pear and vice versa. The inescapable fact remains that women and men mobilize, metabolize, and store fat differently, mainly because of differences in sex and physiology. But the good news is that the strategies to keeping a healthy outlook and lifestyle for both sexes need not be vastly different after all.
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